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Resistance Rising 182: There’s No Such Thing As A “Classic”, Just Romans

  • Broadcast in Politics
Johnny Cirucci

Johnny Cirucci


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* What happened to The Wachowskis?
* Ben Swann on “#PizzaGate”
* Priest (some label “Jesuit”) attacks baby at Catholic baptism.
* From Charles Baudelaire to Clive Staples Lewis: there’s no such thing as a “classic”, just Romans in disguise with a modicum of talent.
* What do Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicholas and Star Trek’s George Takei have in common? (there may be more than one answer)
* Does actor and Twitter-mover James Woods know he is distracting the Right?
* “Protestant” Chuck Missler on the ROMAN CATHOLIC relic of the “Shroud of Turin”.
* Chuck Missler’s “Easter Surprise”
* Isabel Piczek: devout Roman Catholic DAME of St. Gregory
* Jesuits brag on how Catholic Salvador Dalí was.
* A funny thing happened on the way to Bart Sibrel’s notoriety.
* What got Billy Corgan repeat appearances on Alex Jones?
* Recap of Rome’s deadly, perverse control over Seattle.
* Sandra Bullock’s “penis facial”...it’s even worse than it sounds.
* “The Godfather” likes to visit orphan boys in Catholic institutions.
* Are the rash of high-profile suicides linked to the “Devil’s Simulation”?
* Have the Boy Scouts always been a screening ground for pederasts?
* Did the CIA “break” the “Watergate scandal”?
* The shocking, untold story behind Richard Pryor.
* The key to the success of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler.
* Newt Gingrich: the flower of Catholicism.
* Where does the long-haired Jesus come from?