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Resistance Rising 180: A Jesuit, An Atheist and an Astronomer Walk Into a Bar...

  • Broadcast in Politics
Johnny Cirucci

Johnny Cirucci


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* Why are all the Pedocracy “whistleblowers” ignoring Johnny?
* Anglican Bishop Tony Palmer; dead or disappeared?
* Butcher Harris Loosed the Flames of the Inquisition Upon Luther’s Homeland
* From Butcher Harris to Eisenhower’s Death Camp.
* The D.C. Snipers Were Vatican Assassins
* Parkland had a cop at the school who didn’t intervene in the “shooting” and then mis-directed fellow first-responders!
* Is “Conservative” internet news controlled?  —ask World Net Daily’s Joseph Francis Farah.
* Is it a coincidence that Jesuit General Peter Hans Kolvenbach was based in Farah’s home of Lebanon just as the “War on Terror” began?
* How many times has the FBI “lost track” of a situation that caused harm to American citizens?
* Daryl Issa to Eric Holder: “You OWN ‘Fast and Furious’!”  Yup.  He’s “owning it” alright; all the way to his candidacy for President.
* From John Allen Muhammad to Robert Philip Hanssen; Rome spins them up then takes credit for taking them down.
* Teens for gun confiscation: they all unanimously chose the Beatles for their marching music?
* From the Parkland shooting to the D.C. snipers to the murder of Chandra Levy.
* The unbelievable corruption surrounding the Levy “investigation”!
* From the DC snipers to Jimmy Savile; police corruption will shock you.
* Jimmy Savile “can’t” be un-knighted by neither the U.K. nor the Vatican but pedophile priest John Geoghan’s anemic conviction for touching a boy in a pool was expunged because he was murdered in prison.