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Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening


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We are in a spiritual war. Everyone has a role to play whether they like it or not. Sin affects all of us. Sin is not only about doing wrong, but sin is also not doing right. What are you doing to combat "sin" in your life, family, community or nation? We can change outcomes by praying, fasting, blowing the shofar and taking actions, which does not break the laws of God and man. God has called the host, Letitia Peters to manifest the truth about four issues, which nearly cost her life, the lives of her immediate family & loved ones. Ms. Peters has done analysis & research with the help of God the Father, the son, Jesus/Yeshua and the Comforter, the Holy Ghost. Ms. Peters will present the whole truth based on her in-depth analysis & research about 4 issues: They are (1) The Church (2) molds & mycotoxins (3) The "Secret" Generational, Lifetime, Involuntary or Unwitting Human Subjects in America & International, which can be referred as the "Secret, Invisible Nightmare" or S.I.N. for short. Many are calling themselves "Targeted Individuals" or T.I. for short and (4) The U.S. Federal Government as it relates to the election & the U.S. Constitution. Do you want to learn the truth about these important issues so? You can visit www.ManifestTheTruth.com for additional information about these topics.

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Prophet Letitia Peters is calling an urgent call to unite until Dec. 16 by fasting, praying, sounding the shofar & doing positive actions for human rights' victims & their families. We are in a spiritual war. Everyone has a role to play in... more

We are extending International Human Rights Day into International Human Rights Week from 12/10-16/2017. We are calling for justice and pleading for truth against all Injustices or unjust acts against known victims or unknown victims like... more

We will worship, praise, and pray with thanksgiving to God and bless His holy name.

We are going to have a great time with God. Thanks for joining us.

We will worship, praise, and pray with God and bless the children (www.Manifestthetruth.com/sabbath.html).

We are giving thanks to almighty God for everything that he has done and for what he's going to do. We are worshipping, praising and praying to Him and giving Him all the glory and bless His holy name as well as praying for the... more

We are interfering for those who are sleeping & needs to be awakened. We have revised Tracey's Intercession Prayers (T.R.I.P) & Protocols posted at the Facebook page: Soldiers of Yeshua. The older T.R.I.P. & Protocols are posted... more

We are worshiping, praising,praying and thanking God for 2 hours. We want God to manifest so that miracles, signs, and wonders can occur.

We need to show God that we love Him and that He is our first love. Let's worship, praise, and pray to God. Visit www.ManifestTheTruth.com/11072017.html

America is in dire straits. People are dying in mass shootings, hurricanes, and fires. Still, we are not calling out to God. We need to include fasting and sounding the shofar. We will worship, praise and pray to God for 2 hrs. Let's show... more
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