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Pray, Fast & Take Action for the Navy Yard Shooting

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Here are three similar facts

  1. Aaron Alexis was hearing voices of 3 people who had been sent to follow him. (“Human Subjects” have been implanted illegally with radiofrequency identification (R.F.I.D.) chips and the people are speaking to them through the R.F.I.D. chips. This technology works like the concept of a stereo and its speakers. You cannot hear the sound from the stereo unless the speakers are connected to it. This works the same way. It is coming from within their body. This is why no one else can hear it unless they chose to speak to someone. Microwave Expert, Dr. Barrie Trower also mentions it in his 2012 interview. Pandora is a military & Intelligence research, which uses this technology.)
  2. Aaron Alexis was feeling vibrations sent through his hotel room. (“Human Subjects” have discovered that the technology: electromagnetic radiation is being used; gamma and microwave radiation can penetrate through walls.)
  3. Aaron Alexis complained of sleeplessness (“Human Subjects” have experienced this. They have dark eye circles, severe headaches, dry, metallic taste in their mouths, & cysts/blisters have developed in their mouths, voice box & esophagus.)

Here are some questions, which the media has failed to ask: Can the military experiment “secretly” on their enlisted men or women? Based on initial facts this could be the case. Does the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) grants the military the power to experiment on its soldiers without their consent?  Was Aaron Alexis an involuntary or unwitting “human subject”, without his consent or knowledge? Why would a peaceful, Buddist man conduct a mass murder when he stated that he did not want to harm others?  Is there technology that can turn a normal person into a robot?

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