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Insights from the Couch

Insights from the Couch


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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Karin Weiri-Kolle talks about ways to change your life to unleash your full potential.

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There is a lot of life wisdom to take from buddhism. No, I am not recommending that anybody change their religious beliefs and become buddhist! I am talking about how learning, practicing, and applying many buddhist principals into your... more

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Karin Weiri-Kolle will be talking about how to create an antidote to the 4 most common relationship mistakes we tend to use. The information she is going to use is based on the 40+ years of couple... more

It is that dreaded conversation that none of us want to have with our parents about what now? They are old and frail and can't see or hear or dementia is setting in or they are physically frail, or all of the above! Yes, it is about death... more

Wouldn't it be great to have that crystal ball to see your future? Think of the amazing decisions you could make if you could see the outcome before you choose to go down that road! Well, rather than a crystal ball, there are certain... more

How would your quality of life change if you learned how to take what would have been a complete blow-up argument and manage it so it at the most would become a flare-up. Just a bleep in the line of the daily emotional map with your... more

You have been through relationship drama and the ups and downs of what life will hurl at you from time to time. You have healed at least to some extent and you are ready to go back out there, open your heart and risk being rejected and... more

This last part of the 4-part series on Getting Through a Break-Up is about healing and moving on. There is so much including finding yourself and discovering who you are NOW, what lessons you have learned from this past experience... more

When we talk about breaking up we often think about the person who is being rejected. However, being the person who breaks up a relationship is a heavy burden. It is a decision that possibly splits up a family, hurts the kids and your... more

In my experience as a therapist working with people who are going through a painful break-up I have come across people who do things that will enhance and prolong their pain. There are things we can do that will help your brain and your... more

Marriage and Family therapist Karin Weiri-Kolle will talk about how to get over a break up. Speaking from her 20 years of clinical experience as well as her own experience of getting out of a 22 year long marriage, moving on to dating and... more