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The Reality of the Creator

The Reality of the Creator


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My show will be geared to a universal audience. It is spiritual. It will be teaching and discussing the distinction between the Creator and His Creation.

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Love and justice is the key that Allah has given to the human being for spiritual life. But to understand your spiritual life you must stop focusing on the things you see and realize that the Eternal reality and plan of our Creator is not in the... more

This means all evil must be destroyed very soon.Allah created the world for justice and righteousness, not for evil and selfishness. So people, if you are following your self will, you will soon be destroyed and the earth will take you back. This... more

People of the earth, you have an earth date and a spiriual birthday, In order to stop ythis vil in your life,,you must stop trying to live as a creature of the earth and come back to your real spiritual life inside your earth body.Then and only yhen... more

This sin kills the human spirit and leads people into evil forever. So think very seriously about this matter because death does not end the punishment for sin. In fact this punishment never ends, so be wise and come back real soon to... more

People, Almighty G-d says He created the nature of good in every human heart, and Allah the Almighty Creator says He will never change the conditions of a people until they first change the bad conditions of their heart. So, don't expect... more

People of the world, Allah says in His Final Revelations in the Q'uran, that He created the world to test us and to see who would be best in conduct. I believe, with Faith and trust in the Power of Allah, this world leader, by the Grace and... more

Most people show in their actions that they don't realize that there is life after death. But, this is a matter of failing to believe in the unseen Creator of the Heavens and the earth. Most people choose not to believe in life after death... more

A true study of history will prove that politics and government are not the answers to the world's bad conditions. If you study history, history will show that always when the world was under oppression by political leaders' Allah sent... more

This is why we should try to understand the life Hereafter because this life is Eternal., also the material things of this world will have no valueon the Judgment Day when we stand before the throne of Allah to be judged. We are only here ,... more

Most people treat evil as their friend, Most people treat evil as thei their friend, beginning with people of all religions. This is why the world is totally under the power of evil. To fight evil, you must hate evil. Most people show in their actions... more