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Monday Wednesday Friday at 9am PST. Discussions with women and stepping into our true value. Mon-Expert corner. Wed-Alumni Expert. Friday-Free Friday

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Our bodies are always speaking to us. Do we hear? Is there are universal language that every body speaking. There are three steps to learning and speaking your bodies language. First- listen and ask the right questions Second-... more

Going along with our Topic on language this week we have guest host Kelly Limbaugh who will discussing words. "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will Beak my heart"Robert Fulghum How do words really impact... more

What is keeping us from one another. Many may say its religion and cultures. But the reality is that both are meant to give a language to learn from. They create structure and community. When any religion or culture are not foundationally... more

This week our topic is language. We want to set the stage today with the discussion of all types language. We hear about the language of love. We know about the hundreds of languages spoken in all parts of the world. Why is... more

Is Weight the enemy? Do we think of it like that? Are we supposed to love our enemies? Is that your belief? Today we are discussing you. You and your relationship to weight on your body. How does it effect you? Where does it come... more

Spiritual weight looks different for many. To create clarity and ease to shift the heaviness to lightness we have narrowed it down to three aspects that create that heaviness. Our connection to God Our commitments And living in purpose Come... more

Today we are discussing the weight of the mind. There are weighty matters but how we intake them and how we understand what is important and what isn't is key to us creating a mind that is free.

Emotions can cause havoc on our freedom. Why do we fight with our emotions? Today we are going to talk about negative and postive and how to allow the negative. When we have control over our emotions and all them to have a... more

Yes it's time to talk about weight. Everyone has it. It's more then just the weight we see on the scale. It's more then the weight we see others walking around at. If all of us have it then why is it feared. The relationship we have to Weight will... more

Embrace the masculine and feminine parts of you. Learn to see others as they truly are and respect them. Creating unity in the masculine and feminine, they are meant to complaint and not divide.