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Mark Cunningham is a hypnotist, but also a relationship expert. The following is from an interview regarding finding, dating a woman, and then (for some) maintaining a relationship.

Frank Kermit:  This is something that I discussed with a lot of other seduction instructors and gurus. Where do you think the future of this community is going to go?

Mark Cunningham:  Well, I can render an opinion on where I would like to go, which is I would like to see it broaden its focus.  In other words, the seduction cannot be an end in and of itself. It’s like taking a tiny little slice of life that’s not all that difficult and blowing it up into this enormous perceived problem and associated solutions.I would much rather see these people who do have something going broadening their take out to teach more about what it means to be a man in a modern world, and specifically, once you have honed your seduction skills and you’ve developed yourself to the point where you no longer are worried about this, it’s reflexive.Well, what then do you do in terms of finding women that you genuinely enjoy and building them into your life? What is that like? How do you treat these women on an ongoing basis?  What kind of opportunities for pleasures and resources do you have, and what happens next?It would help if the role leaders and models in the seduction universe would address themselves to the broader problems. Well, as they say, how do you become fully human? How do you move through the world as a man? (Dr.Rose's comment - Yes, but a man who is sensitive and not manipulative. I wanted my five daughters to be treated with the same considerations these men would hav towards their mothers or sisters.The seduction should be mutual.)