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In my shows I try to give you, the audience, a chance to know each guest as someone you know and trust and then our conversation is about her or his book, project, or unique and helpful POV. It is not confrontative, but conversational, and most guests ask for a return visit. In the ARCHIVES are 4 years worth of interviews with many of the world's most sensitive and intelligent CHANGE AGENTS. If you are one - contact me at rewiringyourbrain@gmail.com - Dr.Rose Here's recent comment by a guest."Thank you for having me on your show. It was one of the most intelligent and insightful interviews I have done (I've done more than 150 interviews on the book). Elliott R.Katz, BEING A STONG MAN A WOMAN WANTS. " Most guests ask to return, which is why I totally enjoy each show and know you will too.

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Mark Cunningham is a hypnotist, but also a relationship expert. The following is from an interview regarding finding, dating a woman, and then (for some) maintaining a relationship. Frank Kermit: This is something that I discussed with... more

Imagine you stand at the edge of an enormous cliff, a parachute strapped to your back. To your right is a winding staircase with a sturdy handrail. There are only two ways off the cliff—jump or take the stairs. If you jump, once you... more

Below are few questions from Donna. Donna reads about 400 books a year and has her own syndicated radio show. She is a powerhouse of information and skills. She and I will be discussing what we've learned from our guests and our... more

What to make of the author? Is she the Mother of the Year or a guilt obsessed person with religious fears that if she doesn't do everything to save her son she will be a failure in God's eyes? As I began reading the book I wondered if she... more

I think we would have a lot to share in regards to Mind, Body and Soul learning. I am a single mother, Life Coach, Radio Talk Show Host, Motivational Speaker, Lover of life and almost Published author. I am on round three of my edits.... more

Three out of four people suffer from the fear of public speaking.But public speaking is becoming more common in the workplace, in college courses, at church and even for soccer moms!Now Jill Ammon Vanderwood, the author of... more

Steve Olsher is America's Reinvention Expert and has taught thousands how to NICHETIZE!™ (nitch a tize) by identifying and monetizing their WHAT—that is, the ONE thing they were born to do. His singular... more

JACQUELINE MARCELL was a television executive, but she barely survived as a fulltime caregiver to her challenging elderly father and sweet mother, both with Alzheimer's which went undiagnosed for over a year. The experience compelled... more

As the Owner/Operator/Primary Instructor of Certified Hypnotherapy Training School, Dennis believes everyone can benefit by learning these new mental skills to overcome negative self-limiting beliefs and behaviors, eliminate... more

Dr.Dale has revolutionized the way women and men can naturally rejuvenate their hormone levels as the body ages.The pioneer of Homeopathic Hormone Rejuvenation Therapy, she believes that anti-aging depends on reducing the... more