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The poor man's Rush Limbaugh, your ruler, benevolent despot, and Rabbi of Christianity, Constitutionalism, Conservatism, and common sense, reviewing and commenting on each day's events as only he can, and as much as S’Mores The Wonder Kitty will allow.

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Terrifying footage emerges from Las Vegas shooting; Vegas concert goer says woman warned them they would be killed right before shooting; "He has no political affiliation, no religious affiliation, as far as we know. This wasn't a terror... more

Trump's Twitter rant against Puerto Rico hits all the wrong notes; Trump also attacks media for trying to ?get him? over Puerto Rico response; "Sometimes the President should be Presidential and getting in the mud is not"; Trump feels... more

Three awesome Tweetstorms about, not from, Donald Trump; The First Amendment protects kneeling in Church and on the football field; When Colin Kaepernick took a knee, he was feted, while when Joseph Kennedy took a... more

Angry post-election Trump is having buyer's remorse; The Alabama Senate race may be an outlier — but Roy Moore won't be the last embarrassment to become a GOP nominee; Senator Clay Travis? 'First Amendment and boobs'... more

Who benefits from Trump's NFL rant? Not the country, not football fans, and not the NFL; Trump's call for NFL players who take a knee during the national anthem to be fired was a troubling assault on free speech — and it put the... more

John Kelly's boot is up the ass of the next Trump loyalist – somebody hold the door; How long will John Kelly fight the good fight?; Trump has filled, not drained, the "swamp"; Trump grumps about "fake news", except when it praises... more

Trump and NFL players picked the wrong fight; Karl Rove hits Trump over NFL protests: ‘He's walking away from this a loser'; #TakeTheKnee is just another skirmish in America's inane tribal war; Alejandro Villanueva jersey sales... more

The U.S. and allies seem to be looking to evacuate citizens from South Korea; North Korea threatens to carry out a dry run for an EMP attack; Has Kim Jong Un decided on military confrontation as a strategy?; How Graham-Cassidy's funding... more

The trans juggarnaut wants your kids, and public schools are just the beginning; Kindergarten teacher stages 'transition ceremony' for 'transgender' five year old boy; Survivor of "transgender" surgery: it's not a sex change, it's mutilation;... more

There was much to like in Trump's remarks to the U.N. But, especially in his case, actions speak louder than words; Trump to take in Australia's rejected Islamic immigrants; The New Trump finds time to extend the media some love; Why... more