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Hard Starboard Radio: Trump Bombs Syria....And The U.S. Economy

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"Those missiles hit more than an airbase, they struck a note. Rang a bell. Raised a flag. The message: things are different.  They don’t have to be hugely different for that message to have a huge impact. Trump’s base is caterwauling about 'globalism' and perpetual war in the middle east and all their other peacenik, isolationist bellyaches, but the low-casualty, high-impact strike wasn’t exactly a nuke. It was, as Bolton notes, 'measured.' An explosive force to shake the ground if not the Earth.

"But as a change from the Obama era, the seismic reading is off the scale. And it wasn’t wanton. They broke their agreement. They used chemical weapons. They were held accountable. See? Different.  Maybe that’s that 'smart' power we’ve heard about all these years."

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"We know the national debt situation is massive. We’re in hock deep, it’s not likely anybody reading this will see any relief from it in our lifetime.  President Trump, however, with his usual Duane Elizondo Mountain Dew Camacho bravado has promised to cancel the debt by the end of his second term.  Does he have a secret weapon or something?  Not sure.  "First of all, he wasn’t even in office and had no clue to the extent of debt or how government operates when he made that statement.  Then, there’s his Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, who basically said not to listen to Trump, because he lies."