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The poor man's Rush Limbaugh, your ruler, benevolent despot, and Rabbi of Christianity, Constitutionalism, Conservatism, and common sense, reviewing and commenting on each day's events as only he can, and as much as S’Mores The Wonder Kitty will allow.

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While Donald Trump prepares for his big bro-date with Vladimir Putin at the G20, the Russians pre-emptively side with North Korea at the U.N.; No one emerges from Trump's feud with the media looking good; Does being presidential matter... more

Thug journalism: CNN threatens to reveal identity of Reddit man who made Trump-CNN bodyslam meme if he disobeys them; Double-down: CNN employees gleefully defend horrendous #CNNBlackmail scandal; and in lesser headlines,... more

Almost two and a half centuries later, the very essence of consent-based governance, rooted in popular sovereignty, jurisdictional sovereignty, and the social compact, has been completely obliterated in spectacular fashion. This... more

"On Sunday, President Trump – apparently with too much time on his hands, and an overflow of aggressive feeling – took to Twitter once again to open a black hole of media attention. The President Of The United States... more

NASA child labor and marrow camps are from Mars...or ARE they?; San Francisco awarding $190,000 to illegal immigrant after reporting him to authorities; Dear Mr. President: Get over yourself and get to work; Trump should stop... more

Mattis: Warning to Syria averted another Syrian chemical strike; Destroying ISIS in order to return the territory to Bashar al-Assad is tantamount to giving Syria to Iran; Donald Trump attacks Mika Brzezinski's appearance and his... more

Donald Trump's incoherent and failed leadership on healthcare is on full display; Trump lashes out at report that he doesn't understand details of Senate TrumpCare, thus corroborating the report; Elizabeth Warren says single payer is... more

Trump administration issues a warning to Syria and to Russia and Iran on chemical weapons; The SCOTUS made a mockery of biology, but not the Second Amendment, though one can see how Judicial Review-ists might see it that... more

A largely good day on Olympus; "For Trump apologists, as well as fervent supporters, thire is this notion that there's no difference between the #NeverTrump movement and the Trump-deranged. This is as false as it is embarrasing"; What... more

The GOP on ObamaCare: Old & Busted - Repeal & Replace; The New Hotness - Cut & Paste; Senate Trumplicans offer a bill to preserve and expand ObamaCare; Senate GOP's health care bill is just ObamaCare, but more of it; Even... more