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    SHF Radio #75: eBay Powerseller Nick Loesch - firstcalltx

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    Listen in to hear the wisdom of Uncle Nick.  My interview with Nick Loesch will trace his history in the hobby and get his impressions on how it's changed over the years.  Nick attened the 1964 Jamboree as a boy and caught the patch collecting pretty hard.  It was at the 1965 NOAC that he burned a Blue Heron Lodge flap to make a point about boys ripping off each other while trading.  After taking a break from the hobby to raise kids Nick jumped back in the late 1990s and never looked back.  He started on eBay in 2001 and has been a regular on the TOR circuit for years. 

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    The Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast Ep.44 - Anthony Archer Wills, The Pool Master

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    Join Mike Gannon for episode 44 of the Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast with special guest Anthony Archer Wills; world renowned pond designer, author, and host of Animal Planet's The Pool Master. Mike and Anthony discuss ponds and water features and Anthony's career in the water garden industry spanning 50 years culminating in a hit TV show focusing on amazing water features. Anthony has been around the world designing some of the world's most impressive and naturalistic water features.
    Check out this great conversation!
    You can find Anthony's books The Water Gardener, Designing Water Gardens, and Water Power on Amazon.com
    His TV show The Pool Master can be seen on Animal Planet and Youtube
    His website is www.archerwills.com
    You can find more of The Pond Hunter on: 
    All material from this podcast is sole property of Mike Gannon.

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    The Lookout: ...and the Dead Shall Rise Again.

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    We are joined this evening by Phil McGrath, bearer of unpresedentedly good news for those of us who love this game. Tonight, we aim to answer as many questions as we can about what the community driven future of this game will look like, such as who's involved, what release schedules will look like, and even what kind of events we can expect for a community driven OP season. The information will be flowing and we hope you'll join us with your questions

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    Happy New Year!

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    We're back! Derrick and Aristotle talk about their New Years Eve experiences, some nerdy news and picks of the week!

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    Snowboarding School Is Going On An Epic Ride With Eagle Pass Heliskiing

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    Snowboarding School and Heliski Holiday take flight with Eagle Pass Heliskiing. Snowboarding School is run by myself John Ciampa a professional wordpress blogger and SEO expert. We will be creating content for Heliski Holiday a heliski/heliboard concierge service to use to showcase what Eagle Pass Heliskiing to offer skiers and riders of all ablities. 
    Heliski Holiday matches the correct group to the proper operators and terrain throught the BC Canada area and beyond. We are talking trips of a lifetime here so why go at it alone when you can you her services at no charge to turn your heliski and heliboard dreams a reality in 2017 and beyond...
    We will also be visting and creating content at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. We will have two more radio shows leading into our upcoming trip on Jan 24th 2017 we hope to do a liveshow from resort and one when we return home from our Great Canadian Heliboarding Adventure.

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    Episode 6: Beckett Acquires Zistle & Supercollecting

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    Jason & Kin analyze Beckett's acquisition of Zistle and what it could mean for the hobby.  They also discuss supercollecting.  Is it a thing of the past? Can supercollectors still exist in today's hobby?

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    Fightclub Gamers Battle with J2 and Taylor. Season 4 week 6

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    Fightclub Gamers Battle with J2 and Taylor. Season 4 week 6

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    The Final Cut Season 3 FINALE

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    This is the final episode of the season in the UFL and Santino, Kat and Dante have a few things to talk about. We will discuss the playoffs, what NOT to say and what comes next.

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    The Plastics GTA

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     chat with us

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    The iPhone 7 and The Wonderful World of Funko

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    Welcome to the very first episode of Tweek Your Geek where Ricardo and Tiffany will be discussing the iPhone 7 and introducing listeners to the complex and wonderful world of Funko. Tweak your Geek is a show dedicated to topics people Geek out about; topics they are obsessed with, that they will discuss with everyone and anyone who will listen. The show starts out with Geek Speak, a segment dedicated to obsessive current events in the world of Geek. For this week it is the release of the iPhone 7, something that is fanatically covered in the news, around the water cooler and between cubicles. Then the show turns to our weekly segment called Geek Spolight. This segment is dedicated to placing a spolight on passion of ours or one of our guests and letting the Geek shine! This week we disucuss Funko and why we love them so much! Join us next week when we breakdown Dallas Fan Days better know as the Dallas Comicon and much, much more.

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