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    TRESSA GRAVES is an American novelist, known primarily for her work in the genre of horror. After achieving success with her novel, The Sawgrass Footpath, gaining further notoriety in modeling, in turn, leading to new projects such as the launching of three new companies,Tressa Graves Publications, Bohemian Promotions and Huggies From My Juggies t-shirt line as well as her podcast, The Dark Hours. New writing projects include a book of short stories, Fifty Shades of Graves and her first true crime story, which is very well researched, as it is her own. There is also an ample backlog of unreleased work to come out in good time. As Tressa is not your typical bookstore type, she has chosen her book signing appearances where people already gather for good times, drink and tell stories of their own. What better than taverns, pubs and restaurants! With the help of the different establishment marketing managers, an opportunity developed to garner promotional support from Bud Light. Between the support of Bud Light and Dick's Last Resort, Tressa has enjoyed a significant jump in her celebrity. A two year hiatus was forced on Tressa due to a bad stalker situation. The Police and FBI investigation is still ongoing and Tressa has struggled to overcome developed phobias and fears. However, not only has she found the strength to venture back out in public, Tressa has built a significant level of confidence in writing out her experiences in her first non-fiction true crime story. Tressa never thought her first true crime story would be her own. The title of the book is, The Stalking of Tressa Graves and reliving the experience is something she did not want to do. But, by suggestions of the law enforcement involved, she decided to move forward with it. The officers have said this is the worst case of stalking they've ever seen and suggested the story should be shared with others.

  • The After Death Chronicles with Annie Mattingley

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    Special guest Annie Mattingley, author of The After Death Chronicles: True Stories of Comfort, Guidance, and Wisdom from Beyond the Veil is with us today to talk about her book.
    This is a book about ordinary people—plumbers, artists and accountants, bakers and beauticians, teachers and lawyers—who have been able to receive communication from loved ones who have died. Included here are accounts from over 80 people across the country who have had contact with the dead through the diaphanous veil that separates them from the living.The book begins with the story of Annie’s deceased daughter speaking to heri n the early morning hours.The communication was so transformative that she began to share her experience. Much to her surprise, she discovered that after-death communication is much more common than is normally assumed, and she began to connect with other folks across the country who had similar experiences.
    Each of the ten chapters is organized around a specific kind of after-death communication. Included here are chapters on dreams, verbatim conversations, and synchronicity through nature and various other physical manifestations, descriptions of the results of these occurrences, and advice on how to open up to after death communication. This book inspires in the reader reassurance, courage, healing, and a sense of wonder.
    Annie Mattingley has an MA in consciousness studies and has worked as a teacher, magazine publisher, and hospice volunteer. She is now retired and lives in Questa, NM.

  • Tamara Kelly and Marly Bird

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  • 00:23

    The Peoples Mic Podcast Ep.#38

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    Tune in and hear no holds barred, unadulterated, convo without Human Resources intervention!

  • Our Etheric DNA - Strands of Consciousness

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    Is our world changing more than we know? Is it possible that along with the political and environmental changes, our DNA is also taking on a transformation of its very own? Are we slowly becoming immune to the disastrous illnesses and poor diets that have been killing us for many years now? Scientists have already witnessed these new changes that have taken place in the last few decades. Are we evolving into a whole new human race?
    Well, Rev. Maria D'Andrea and Mimi dare to examine these theories and to take a look at what this means for the future world. What is the bigger picture in all of this? Don't forget to visit www.Mariadandrea.com to gain further info & to contact Rev. Maria D'Andrea for her psychic services, courses and speaking engagements, or call Maria @ 631-559-1248.
    Visit www.MQuestMedia.com for video segents, articles and to purchae "A Life in Progress of a Practical Spiritualist" written by Miriam A. Silver - the telling of an intimate spiritual journey.
    To read further on this topic, please read Drunvalo's article @ www.ascensionnow.co.uk or read "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Vol. 2".

  • Within The Chaos Special Ghostbuster Guest Troy D Black

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    Troy D Black
    Was born and raised in Wytheville, VA. I am 48, married 28 years and have two children (grown). I've called several places home over the years including Charlotte, NC and Roanoke, VA. Some could say I was born into the paranormal. Being raised in the country I would listen the older people tell stories about houses that were haunted and places in the woods that should never be visited at night. As I got older I experienced ghostly encounters enough to where I put together a group when I was in high school. I then got into UFO’s, Bigfoot, MIBs and corners of the supernatural. I've worked in several different factory and a few small government jobs. And in security as well. But no matter where I have lived or visited I was always drawn to those places that many only whisper about. Do I believe in the paranormal and other mysteries like it? When you have seen things that others say can't be real it is easy to say yes. I would enjoy putting another team together. But until that time I will continue to read, research and interview when I can.

  • CoffeeTalk Conversations Radio Chats with Author & Speaker Felicia Brookins

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    Join CoffeeTalk Conversations host Ms. Bridgette Lewis. She'll chat with writer Felicia Brookins about her new book "Sister Nadeen Simmons" head Usher at Greater Trials MB Church and the pastor's right hand. Nadeen is a self-proclaimed sanctified wife and mother. She has no time for nonsense, especially not from her husband, daughters, or members of her congregation. I'm excited to interview my very special guest. Join and follow the show on twitter @CoffeeTalkJazz & @Bsimplyspeaking.
    Advertising opportunities are currently available through the CoffeeTalk Radio show page. Contact our office for pricing details: CoffeeTalkJazzRadio@msn.com
    CoffeeTalk T-Shirt are on SALE: All sizes in stock Black or White Our pricing includes $30.00 that includes shipping all payment will be made via paypal.


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    THE PANEL INCLUDES Kristin Brennan Marnie J Ryder Ami Green Mary Marshall Michelle LeBaron Rebecca Genesis Kristin Lee AND Tina Marie Williamson


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    I am a psychic, medium, nurse, demon seer, healer, animal communicator and international author. She is descended from a long line of Irish, Scottish and American Indian women with psychic and spiritual gifts. As a young child, I communicated with animals and angels.
    I served in the military where she trained as a nurse and EMT. After returning from the military I continued to work in the medical field. I have been helping people with their animal issues, paranormal problems and giving intuitive readings. I was given the ability to remove negative entities twenty years ago, and have been quietly doing so since then.
    My first book, A Mediums Guide to the Paranormal, was released in 2009. Since then I have written 7 more books. I am the founding member of ghostsandgirlsparanormal.com and an active member of Northwest Paranormal Investigative Team as an occult specialist for the team.
    I love working and helping animals and donate my animal communication abilities to local rescue groups whenever I can
    My book website: www.demonseekerbooks.com
    My website: www.mysticconnections.org,   
    Help with negatives, visit: www.demonseer.com

  • PETER MOON - Inside the Earth - The Second Tunnel & Star Dust An Initiation Int

    in Paranormal

    Peter Moon returns to Other World Global Radio after 7 years to give an extraordinary interview about Radu Cinamar's NEW Book Inside the Earth - The Second Tunnel, and Peter's NEW Book  Star Dust: An Initiation Into Time. 

  • The Riley Johnson Custody Case

    in Podcasting

    Tonight for the first time on It's Real Talk Radio we'll be having a custody case. Oh yeah, you heard right A CUSTODY CASE!! We know we've been away for a while so we wanted to come back with some true flavor and originality. So seperated spouses Michael Johnson and Samantha Johnson are battling for sole custody of Riley Johnson. There will be testimonies from both the petitioner and respondent along with some witnesses and yes we do have a judge who will be calling it down the middle. We give our word that none of us including the judge knows who's gonna win until it happens in real time!
    We intentionally designed it that way for thrill sake. It's gonna be an epic night on IRTR tonight so trust me when I say this is one episode that you definitely don't wanna miss. It's guaranteed to be action packed and very entertaining. Our call in # is 347-838-9540 but we won't be bringing any callers on air for this show; however, we do encourage you to call in and listen live or listen live online. You can Inbox us on Facebook or email us if you have any thoughts or comments you'd like to share with us.
    Call In # 347-838-9540
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ItsRealTalkRadio
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/ItsRealRadioMD
    Email: ItsRealTalkRadio@gmail.com

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