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  • 01:00

    Mothman Investigator Bill Kousoulas On Unknown Universe Radio

    in Paranormal

    My life-long interest in the paranormal began in the late 70s with the original Project Blue Book series that aired on Sunday night television. In 2003, I was introduced to The Mothman Prophecies movie, and it truly changed my life. Since then, I have read nearly all of John Keels research, as well as the works of similar authors including Gray Barker, Andrew Colvin, and Brent Raynes. Since 2016, my wife Jaci and I have visited Point Pleasant regularly, and we have become friends with several area residents, including the late Carolin Harris, co-founder of the Mothman Festival. Presently, I am completing my PhD in psychology, with a focus on post-traumatic growth. Additionally, Jaci and I are also in the preliminary stages of a phenomenological study that will examine the correlations between paranormal experiences and post-traumatic growth. We reside in Northern Illinois.

  • 00:18

    Megayacht News Radio: Patrick Coote, Northrop & Johnson

    in Travel

    Northrop & Johnson specializes in a variety of services, including yacht charter. As part of its senior team, Patrick Coote is helping to define the company’s global marketing strategy so that it can continue to grow. Like many business over the past few months, Northrop & Johnson saw an impact on charter bookings due to COVID-19. However, with restrictions lifting, and people eager to get out and about again—especially out on the water—Patrick and the team have been letting them know what’s available, and where, while still being mindful of practical concerns.
    In this episode of Megayacht News Radio, we discuss with Patrick:
    what traditional charter regions are fully open and what’s open with some limitations how Northrop & Johnson communicates health-safety information to inquiring charter clients concerned about the virus what customers need to understand about cancellation policies how the company is making a concerted effort to attract newcomers to yacht charter.

  • 01:01

    Florida Kingsnakes (Scott Mcfarlane )

    in Podcasting

    Come Join us us as we Talk to Scott Mcfarlane about keeping Breeding and Morhs of the Florida kingsnake we will also discuss the Future of the hobby. we will also talk about other topics that are  very important to the future of the hobby the show will be live  6/12/2020 tim of the show is 11pm eastern time 10pm central time 9pm mountian time 8 pacific time hope to see you there check out Scotts facebook page Scott McFarlane's Florida kingsnakes to call in for questions  515-606-9767 then press 1 so I know you have a question 

  • 02:01

    Join Sheila and Kerby with our guest April Roane

    in Paranormal

    Meet April April is a true channel for Spirit. As a psychic medium, she 'holds the space' for your Spirit Guides, Angels, Loved Ones and Beings of the Highest Love and Light. It is through April not from April as she is simply a channel for Spirit. April works with Spirit by receiving feelings, visions, sounds, thoughts, ideas, smells and tastes through her sixth sense. She believes everyone has a gift and her work is to inspire your alignment with the gift(s) you naturally have. April has been called "a gatekeeper to the other side whose top priority is to serve" by New York Times bestselling author, Melody Beattie. She's been featured on CBS Radio, BIO Channel, A&E, and The Best People We Know Radio. April's previous radio show on Blogtalk Radio and CBS NewSky Radio, The Movement Within, April interviewed and introduced her Spirit Posse to some of the most inspirational leaders in mind, body and soul work. April is a valued psychic medium, teacher and author who currently works with individuals, families, organizations and groups world wide. She is well known for her work with Empathy and her Love Your Inner Empath workbook and workshops. She is an inspirational teacher/ speaker who has presented lectures, seminars, workshops and classes throughout North America and often works with adults and children dealing with abuse and addictions. April has also written a celebrated children's book, Goodnight Just The Same

  • 01:58


    in Paranormal

    On this Premiere episode of Stay Spooky with Chicks & Spirits, Hosts Heather and Kelly from Chicks & Spirits will be discussing all things paranormal and introducing other team mates from Chicks & Spirits! Call in to join all sorts of topics for this episode!! Look forward to hearing from you and you hearing us!!!

  • 01:45

    Special Live Broadcast from McDonald House Air B&B

    in Paranormal

    Join us as we will be coming to you live from the McDonald House Air BnB in Attic, IN. With special guests Dave Spinks, Rosella C. Rowe, NightStalkers Paranormal, and the Owner and Staff of McDonald House Air B&B as we discuss hauntings and Investigations of haunted locations of Attic, IN. 

  • 00:17

    Miss Mannequin

    in Paranormal

    Based on the short film in the works by Wendy W "Miss Mannequin":
    A beautiful and assertive woman sees her town wearing masks everywhere as if there is poison in the air, cannot complete any of her appointments, and after being treated as nothing as a sex object at work, she decides to adopt the expressionless, compliant manner of a female Mannequin.
    1. When you don't receive the promotions...
    2. When you are told you are a tough cookie, but remain single..
    3. When men talk only about your chest. and promote the more compliant women..

  • 00:40

    Madison Star Moon - Back on Blogtalk

    in Podcasting

    Join me tonight as I speak with guests from around the world about a variety of topics.

  • 00:46

    Roxsy and Dash Radio of Horrors

    in Personal Journals

    What we talkin about Blade The Iron Cross What's going on at the carnival of Horrors And some other things

  • 01:39


    in Podcasting

    This episode of Smart Azz Podcast is an introduction to QuiteFrank & K-Little, the hosts of Smart Azz Podcast, and the things that come out of their smart asses.  Join us as they discuss azzinine topics surrounding #BlackLivesMatter, music of yesterday, and so much more.
    Smart Azz Podcast is a live podcast where Smart Azzez, QuiteFrank & K-Little, take on foolery, explore THE culture, and share facts [our opinions] with the rest of the smart asses of the world.  They may not always agree, most likely not, but they are sure to bring out the smart ass in you. 
    Live episodes every Thursday at 7:30 PM (EST).

  • 02:12

    Recognizing Juneteenth

    in Podcasting

    Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we will be acknowledging Juneteenth, its history and its impact on Blacks in America. Juneteenth has recently received media exposure and many Americans who knew nothing or very little about it, have now been introduced to the tradition. Juneteenth is a day of remembrance for all Black Americans as it symbolizes freedom. 47 of the 50 U.S. sates celebrate or acknowledge Juneteenth. The 3 states that don't acknowledge Juneteenth are North Dakota, South Dakota and Hawaii.
    Since the senseless killings of George Floyd and more recently Rayshard Brooks along with other innocent/unarmed Black men and women, America has started to acknowledge the pain and suffering of Blacks that date all the way back to slavery. Many Americans are fed up and have now joined the fight to conquer systemic racism, racial profiling, police brutality and other forms of mistreatment of Black Americans. 2020 has brought more awareness to these deeply rooted issues than most of us can remember.
    Join us tonight as we pay homage to a day that symbolizes freedom of Black Americans. We encourage those of you who are still unfamiliar with this day to do your research. You will learn a lot about American history and how deeply rooted historical events have damaged Blacks for generations. You will also learn how resilient Blacks are as they fought long and hard for their freedom and eventually racial equality (which is still an ongoing battle). As always, you know the crew will hold no punches and spare no one! It Just Got Real!
    Call In # 563-999-3434
    Facebook Like Page:

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