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  • Early LDS Church History and Records with Keith Erekson

    in History

    Keith Erekson, Director of the LDS Church History Library, joins Jane to talk about the history of the early Latter-day Saint church a.k.a. Mormon from its beginnings in NY to the migration west through Ohio, Illinois and then Utah. Keith will talk about the records that were kept by members of the early church, including records of those members who went on to California and who stopped practicing.  

  • The New DNA Landscape with Shannon Christmas

    in History

    Have you just had your DNA tested with one of the DNA companies and you are unsure what to do with your results?
    Named an “essential blog for genetic genealogy education” by the Board of Certification for Genealogists, Through The Trees is a blog for genealogy enthusiasts seeking to locate and leverage new tools and emerging technologies to break through genealogical brick walls.
    Shannon Christmas, is an experienced genealogist specializing in genetic, colonial American, and African-American genealogy in Virginia and the Carolinas. He serves as a 23andMe Ancestry Ambassador, administrator of The Captain Thomas Graves of Jamestown Autosomal DNA Project, and as a co-administrator of The Hemings-Jefferson-Wayles-Eppes Autosomal DNA Project. 
    Shannon was invited to participate in the American Society of Human Genetics’ Roundtable on Genetic Ancestry Inference and investigated the genetic lineage of Governor Lawrence Douglas Wilder of Virginia. He presented his findings at The 2015 Afro-American Genealogical and Historical Society’s National Conference in Richmond, Virginia.  He is also faculty for the DNA track with MAGGI.

  • Avoiding Distractions and Setting Your Research Goals - Amy Johnson Crow CG(sm)

    in History

    Amy Johnson Crow is a Certified Genealogist with a Masters degree in Library and Information Science. She  regularly speaks at the industry’s top events throughout the year, including the Federation of Genealogical Societies and RootsTech, as well as state and regional events. She previously served as series editor for the National Genealogical Society Guides, published by Rutledge Hill Press and have served on several national and state boards.

  • Freemasonry and Masonic Records with Alvie Davidson

    in History

    Alvie Davidson, professional genealogist and freemason, joins Jane to talk about freemasonry and the records that were created. Alvie will talk about the history of freemasonry and how we can go about researching our ancestors who were masons. We'll find out what types of records were kept and their availability.

  • Race and the Supreme Court with Dr. Orville Vernon Burton

    in History

    Race and the Supreme Court
    Orville Vernon Burton is Creativity Professor of Humanities, Professor of History, Pan-African Studies, Sociology, and Computer Science at Clemson University, and the Director of the Clemson CyberInstitute.  From 2008-2010, he was the Burroughs Distinguished Professor of Southern History and Culture at Coastal Carolina University.  He was the founding Director of the Institute for Computing in Humanities, Arts, and Social Science (I-CHASS) at the University of Illinois, where he is emeritus University Distinguished Teacher/Scholar, University Scholar, and Professor of History, African American Studies, and Sociology.  
    Burton is a prolific author and scholar (twenty authored or edited books and more than two hundred articles); and author or director of numerous digital humanities projects.  The Age of Lincoln (2007) won the Chicago Tribune Heartland Literary Award for Nonfiction and was selected for Book of the Month Club, History Book Club, and Military Book Club. His In My Father’s House Are Many Mansions: Family and Community in Edgefield, South Carolina (1985) was featured at sessions of the Southern Historical Association and the Social Science History Association annual meetings.  The Age of Lincoln and In My Fathers’ House were nominated for Pulitzers.  His most recent book, is Penn Center:  A History Preserved (2014)
         Burton's research and teaching interests include the American South, especially race relations and community, and the intersection of humanities and social sciences.  He has served as president of the Southern Historical Association and of the Agricultural History Society.   Burton was elected into the S.C. Academy of Authors in 2015 and received the South Carolina Governor’s Award in the Humanities in 2016.

  • Presbyterian Historical Society with Beth Hessel

    in History

    Beth Hessl, Executive Director of the Presbyterian Historical Society in Philadelphia, joins Jane today to talk about the Presbyterian Historical Society (PHS). Beth will give a brief overview of the history of Prebyterianism and how it made its way to the U.S. She'll also tell us about the types of records that were created by Presbyterian churches, what records the PHS has in its collection and what we can find in the PHS museum.

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