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    Mrs. Delores Eaton: "Harriet Tubman is My Moral Compass"

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    As a proud native of Montgomery, Alabama Mrs. Delores Eaton takes no tea for the fever.  Her maternal lineage is heralded for instituting Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, which served as the focal point of the Montgomery bus boycott and launched Reverand Martin Luther King's metoric rise in the Civll Rights Movement.  Mrs. Eaton was partially sheltered from the extremisms of Jim Crow because her family was highly educated, owned land, and independently operated several business.  However, she like other African Americans, was still subjected to the wiles of segregation. In this interview Mrs. Eaton discusses encountering racism on the bus as a child, the importance of education, influential members of her community, such as E.D. Nixon, internal class struggles, the limitations of African American leadership, her role during the Movement, and her husband Herbert's divestment efforts in South Africa while at the University of Rochester. 

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    Italian Legends of Mantua In Cuba

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    File Under  Italian Cubans: Special bilingual show In Italian & Spanish of Domenico Capolongo's Mantua In Cuba: Indigenous Place Name or Memory of Mantova from his book series Emigration & Presence of Italians In Cuba. Covering the strange history & name of the northwestern Cuban town of Mantua In Pinar Del Rio.Thought but not proven to have been founded by Italians from the same city now known as Mantova In Northern Italy. Originariamente Mantua In Cuba Toponimo Indigeno o Memoria di Mantova per Domenico Capolongo dal libro Emigrazione e Presenza Italiana In Cuba Volume 4

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    Women in WWII - Episode 00003

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    People have been contacting me about this show offering suggestions, sharing stories, naming names and as I started to do even more research into the life and times of WWII, I realized I wanted to talk about the women.
    I also made the decision to read quotes about the war from people who were there, or wrote about it later.  War is hell, we all know that, and the reason I do this show is to bring you history and a love story.
    American Women played important roles in the war at home and in uniform. After Pearl Harbor many wanted to serve. They did clerical jobs as well as drive trucks, repair airplanes, rig parachutes, became radio operators, and also flew planes for target practice. 16 women were killed by the enemies 60 were taken as POWs in the Phillippines 350,000 women served in uniform How Ike felt about the woman who worked with him Last of all my letter home to my mother even surprised me as it was from my Uncle Charles Hujber now I have more war department research to do.  
    If you know any women who served please introduce us.  You can always find me at carolelynnesanek@gmail.com
    I love doing this show.  I can hear the Andrews Sisters everytime I sit down to record.

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As Carl Sagan said, "You have to know the past to understand the present." History has shaped our nation's character, and our collective strength is measured in how we came together during our most challenging moments: the Civil War, World War I, Prohibition, World War II, the Dust Bowl, McCarthyism, the Cold War, the Challenger disaster, Operation Desert Storm, 9/11 and countless struggles before and since. But history also contains triumphs, from ending slavery to the moon landing to the fall of the Berlin Wall to Mars rover Curiosity. Join in discussion on these and more with historians, collectors, authors, professors and conspiracy theorists alike. Our hosts also show much support for our troops and military families. In fact, technology has played a big part in bringing soldiers closer to home, as they text, email and Skype from the front, and our “talk to the troops” episodes are always inspiring.

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