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    Witness To Change: From Jim Crow to Political Empowerment - Sybil Haydel Morial

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    Witness To Change - From Jim Crow to Political Empowerment
    Sybil Haydel Morial is an activist and community leader in New Orleans.  She spent her career in the education field, first, as a public school teacher and later as an administrator at Xavier University.
    Sybil’s memoir reveals a woman whose intelligence overrides the clichés of racial division. In its pages, we catch rare glimpses of black professionals in an earlier New Orleans, when races, though socially isolated, lived side by side; when social connections helped to circumvent Jim Crow; when African-American culture forged New Orleans—and American—identity.
    Through loving eyes, Sybil traces the rise of her sons and daughters: After Dutch’s death, Marc Morial served two terms as New Orleans mayor. Sybil’s other children—a physician, a public policy strategist, a community development director, and a judge—lead and serve their communities before, and after, Hurricane Katrina’s devastation.  

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    Researching the Five Civilized Nations with Billie Stone Fogarty & Rick Fogarty

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    Professional genealogists Billie Stone Fogarty and her son Rick Fogarty join Jane today to talk about researching the Five Civilized Nations. Billie and Rick will tell the history of the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole tribes in the Southeastern U.S. and their removal to Oklahoma in the early decades of the 1800s. Find out how Billie and Rick research for clients looking to establish Native American ancestry, why people want to establish NA ancestry, how DNA comes into play and what types of records they use.  
    Find Billie and Rick here: http://heritagetrackers.com/
    Rick Fogarty is a professional genealogical researcher and lecturer in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He is a third-generation genealogist with deep Oklahoma roots and a citizen of the Muscogee Creek Nation. He specializes in Native American, adoption, and DNA and forensic genealogical research.

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    DNA and Adoptions with CeCe Moore

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    CeCe Moore, Your Genetic Genealogist, joins Jane today to talk about her work with adoptions and DNA. Find out how she uses DNA to help her adoptee clients discover their origins. What DNA tests does she recommend? What are some of her success stories? How can adoptees do it all themselves?

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    Welcome to another episode of the Liberator Speaks. Shyaam and Friends will have special guest and Author Keenan Booker on the show. This is a part 2 to our earlier discussion about the history of Europeans. We will further discuss his book "Kicked Out Of Heaven" and the savagery of Medieval Europe. We will discuss the Moorish Influence on Medieval Europe as well as many other aspects of European History and how it relates to today's climate of White Nationalism. Make sure you check out this thought provoking and informative show.

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    5th Anniversary with Blogtalkradio - Bernice Bennett

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    Join Producer and Host Bernice Alexander Bennett to Celebrate 5 years of broadcasting on Blogtalkradio.  Former guest will share their insights on genealogical research.
    I got my start as a broadcaster under the tutelage of Antoinette Harrell – Producer and Host of Nurturing Our Roots Blogtalkradio. I spent two months  broadcasting  on the Nurturing Our Roots show and my first guest was Melvin J. Collier, author of Mississippi to Africa and 150 Years Later Broken Ties Mended.
    Research at the National Archives and Beyond! Blogtalkradio first aired on November 4, 2011 with guest Lieutenant Commander Michael N. Henderson, U.S. Navy Retired. The show opened with the theme song Sweet Mello Spice by AK Alexander Productions.
    Valencia King Nelson and B.J. Smothers of Afrigeneas.com provided the first sponsorship for the broadcast.  With no additional sponsors, my commitment to genealogy and history was then self - supported.
    With 265 episodes, Research at the National Archives and Beyond! Blogtalkradio offered numerous authors, historians, genealogist, genetics genealogist, storytellers, film producers, and others the opportunity to share their passion on my show. 
    Many of my shows have been featured on the Blogtalkradio show homepage and the Popular in History section for live broadcast. This show is also available as a podcast on itunes.com, Stitcher.com, Tunein.com, Podcast.com and Podfanatic.com.
    Individuals interested in supporting this show can click the donation button at www.geniebroots.com.

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    The New Orleans Tribune, First Black Daily Newspaper - Mark Charles Roudané

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    The New Orleans Tribune: An Introduction to America's First Black Daily Newspaper
    Mark Charles Roudané was born in New Orleans and currently resides in St. Paul, Minnesota.  An educator, author, and public speaker, Mr. Roudané’s recent release, The New Orleans Tribune, An Introduction to America’s First Black Daily Newspaper, has sold over 800 copies.  His articles have appeared in numerous journals including the Atlantic magazine South Atlantic Review and the Journal of the Louisiana Creole Research Association.  Mr. Roudané was featured as the keynote speaker at the 150th Anniversary of the Tribune at Dillard University and recently presented lectures on Tribune history at Savannah State University, the Louisiana Public History Forum at Southern University of New Orleans, and the Louisiana Creole Research Association.
    Mark's roots are in Africa, France, Haiti, and Louisiana.  His 4th great paternal and maternal grandmothers were enslaved in Saint-Domingue (now Haiti).  Both had children with French colonists.  Their descendants lived as free people of color in Louisiana, including Jean Baptiste Roudanez, the publisher of the New Orleans Tribune, and Louis Charles Roudanez, the newspaper’s founder and his great, great grandfather.  Mark's father, also named Louis Charles Roudanez, was the first to be listed as white on his birth certificate.  His paternal ancestry was hidden from him, and he did not discover the Afro-Creole roots until after his death. Inspired by his heritage, Mark  spent the last several years passionately reading and researching the South’s first Black newspaper, L’Union, and America’s first Black daily newspaper, the New Orleans Tribune.

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    The History Of WW2 Podcast "Greek Fire Part2"

    in History

    More of the history of ww2 with ray harris

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    The Light to The Gentiles

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    You Christians need to sit your ass down somewhere and stop reading passages out of the bible you don't understand !!! The problem with the American Negro is you love everybody and everybody don't love you!!!!

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    Doreen's Jazz, History and Culture with Doreen J. Ketchens

    in History

    Doreen's Jazz New Orleans is a group whose primary interest lies in spreading the culture and traditional music of New Orleans all over the world, through performances and education. Doreen Ketchens, the leader of the group, has been called "Queen Clarinet", "The female Louis Armstrong", and “Lady Louie” by critics who have heard her perform. She has performed with Ellis Marsalis, Jon Faddis, Trombone Shorty, Al Hirt, Dorothy Donagan, The Black Crows and Jennifer Warrens, to name a few. She has opened for such names as Macy Grey and Dr. John.
    Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans has represented New Orleans and the United States around the world, performing in Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, South America, Central Asia and the United States. They have performed for four United States presidents, including Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr., Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter. The band also boasts 23 volumes of CD’s and 3 DVD’s.
    In addition to being superb performers, Doreen and Lawrence are outstanding educators. They regularly perform in schools around the world, educating students of all languages, spreading the culture and music of New Orleans.

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    Early LDS Church History and Records with Keith Erekson

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    Keith Erekson, Director of the LDS Church History Library, joins Jane to talk about the history of the early Latter-day Saint church a.k.a. Mormon church from its beginnings in NY to the migration west through Ohio, Missouri, Illinois and then Utah. Keith will also tell about the handcart pioneers and the migration from California. We'll find out what records were kept by the Mormon pioneers, what databases and catalogs are available on the Church History Library website, and how we can access records about our early Mormon ancestors.
    Online catalog:  http://churchhistorycatalog.lds.org/
    Overland pioneers database: https://history.lds.org/overlandtravel/
    Genealogy resources: https://history.lds.org/article/find-your-family-in-church-history

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    Avoiding Distractions and Setting Your Research Goals - Amy Johnson Crow CG(sm)

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    Amy Johnson Crow is a Certified Genealogist with a Masters degree in Library and Information Science. She  regularly speaks at the industry’s top events throughout the year, including the Federation of Genealogical Societies and RootsTech, as well as state and regional events. She previously served as series editor for the National Genealogical Society Guides, published by Rutledge Hill Press and have served on several national and state boards.

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