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Industrial Hemp Farming USA

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We dive in head first taking on tough topics in the industrial hemp industry. Hemp is not easy and we walk farmers through all the pitfalls of growing it. If you are interested in growing hemp then you need this show!

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When you can't figure out how avoid the enforcers, best practices is to ask one! So then who better to help shine a light on the murky and potentially disaster-strewn world of CBD hemp compliance than a former cannabis... more

Jon Stoddard 20 plus years in the tech industry Co-founder of tech company called TurboSquid Bought hearing aid ecommerce company, grew it to #2 seller online, profitable every year and sold to private investor Recently Worked on pre... more

Once the CBD bubble has burst, is hemp fiber and textile the long game for the American hemp industry? HempLogic founder Cory Sharp thinks fiber is where it's at, and so does today's guest Skylar Lysaker, CEO of Greenz Supply. A... more

So You Think You Want to Grow Smokable Hemp Flower? How's Your Handling and Drying Game? Daniel ?Donny? Jurmann, a long-time cannabis and hemp expert, talks the smokable hemp market and what it will take for farmers to... more

Getting Hemp Out of the Field Using Custom Harvesting – Not a Perfect Way But At Least A Way! Benjamin Oard of Hemp Harvesters of America comes on HempLogic radio to talk hemp harvest and what his company can offer to... more

What could possibly be more exciting than growing industrial hemp? How about an auction to sell 1 million pounds of hemp biomass! Mark Case, CEO of the International Hemp Auction and Market, plugs the first ever international ?Hemp... more

Avoiding Going to Jail While Transporting Industrial Hemp, plus Smokable Hemp Flower Market Surging! HempLogic founder Cory Sharp meets with fellow Marine veterans Andrew Ross and David Dirkson of Patriot Shield to discuss the... more

Weeding out Bad Actors and Creating Realistic Expectations for Industrial Hemp Hear from Zev Paiss, founder of the Hemp Marketplace, the world's largest on-line community connecting industrial hemp buyers and sellers, on building... more

Join HempLogic founder Cory Sharp and John 'the Tooch' Tucci for an update on HempLogic's Harvest Rescue Plan and an illuminating rant on 'broker jokers.' Just last week, HempLogic responded to the emerging hemp harvest crisis by... more

Desperately trying to find some hemp harvest machinery? So is everybody else and his brother. Corbett Heffner from Formation Ag, discusses the current state of industrial hemp machinery, takes a look at what's currently available and what's... more