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The Health Happens Podcast

The Health Happens Podcast


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The Health Happens Podcast was born from a desire to take the formal-speak of medicine and make it into something more personal. And something more entertaining, because we can't help that we're so funny. So join us for a coffee, tea, or even a drink while we explore, discuss, and debate the facts (and feelings) of the hottest topics in health and medicine.

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This week, Chris and Mike talk about osteoporosis from a natural medicine perspective. They explore supplemental treatment options, the importance of physical activity and fracture prevention. Plus, who sounds faster and other... more

Chris and Mike get to the bottom of phytoestrogens including Soy, Black Cohosh, Red Clover and a few others. They get into the science of how phytoestrogens affect the body and what they may be useful for.

This week Chris and Mike ask the question 'should Fluoride be in the water?' We have heard some concerns that fluorinated water can lead to various health problems from neurological issues to cancer. Some suggest fluoride in the water... more

Take a trip with Mike and Chris as they discuss the potential therapeutic use of psychoactive herbs in medicine. Herbs covered include Ayahuasca, Peyote, Psilocybin and Amanita. Mike tries to convince Chris to get him a bag of magic... more

This week Mike and Chris sort once and for all how to understand supplements, Mike gives us a tidy lesson in research literature, Chris carries his opinions around in a sack with a dollar sign on it, and maybe NDs don't love... more

Mike and Chris try to make some sense of the fears surrounding gluten. Why does gluten get such a bad rap? Is the gluten-free diet just a fad, or are there good reasons to avoid it? Celiac vs. Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity. The... more

With the Flu season here, Chris and Mike tell you everything you need to know about Influenza. Why do we get it and what can you do about it? What about the flu shot? How does the flu virus stay one step ahead of us? When is the next... more

This week, Mike and Chris chat about and explore the validity of some less mainstream therapies: Iridology, Polarity Therapy, Reiki and Ear Candling. Plus, Mike laments the demise of the Toronto Blue Jays, and Chris takes us into a... more

Mike and Chris look into the effects that fasting has on the body and any health benefits associated with the practice. What is ketosis and the Ketogenic diet? Are ketones really a backup fuel for the body? All this and much more on this... more

Welcoming guests Ayla and Yashar Khosroshahi of the Mind-based, Performance-based coaching team MindShift NINJA, Mike and Chris are uncharacteristically pleasant while discussing the practical, realistic, and... more