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  • Oc 24 Charlotte View: Energetically Dissolving Fear, Stress & Anger Chris Kehler

    in Health

    Charlotte View welcomes back Canadian Energy Healer, Chirs Kehler with the topic: Energetically Dissolving Fear, Stress and Anger. 
    When the energy is flowing through your body, you are releasing the old and welcoming in the new and healing happens effortlessly. When the energy flows through your body, it gives rise to emotions… emotions are the body’s energetic release valve. If we could stay in the flow and allow the body to do what it does best — release and naturally re-align with healing — then no symptom or emotion would last forever.
    Your thoughts and emotions, many of which are driven by subconscious beliefs and long-forgotten experiences, are a powerful force that can aid or degenerate your health. Each emotion has its own vibratory signature, and when intense emotions are felt, they can become trapped in your body, much like a ball of energy. 
    Chris will demostrate LIVE how with dowsing he is able to pinpoint the root problem (say virus, parasite, negative energy) causing the callers health issue. Once he finds the problem area and the cause, Chris will use Krystaline Energy Tools (such as pyramids) to “neutralize” the cause or “stressor.” Krystaline Energy tools are by far the most effective way of neutralizing stressor frequencies in the body. By simply calling the show (805) 830-8344 you'll enter within the energy field of these tools, and feel the energies moving within the body. 
    Health and Soul problems this therapy helps; shingles, heart disease, HBP, diabetes, fertility issues, cancers, digestive disorders; anxiety, depression, spiritual attachments, curses, spells,etc y.
    To book an appointment, just click on the "book appointment" button or go to www.ChrisKehler.net

  • Caregivers, Speak Up in the Hospital!

    in Health

    eCareDiary's caregiving expert, Margery Pabst Steinmetz will speak to Bonnie Friedman, author of "Hospital Warrior: How to Get the Best Care for Your Loved One" about the relationship between caregiver advocacy, both for self and care partner, and wellness and effective ways of speaking up for loved ones.

  • CureTalk on Melanoma with Dr. Jeff Moyer

    in Health

    We are discussing melanoma with oncologist Dr. Jeff Moyer.

  • Healing with Dr Daniels

    in Health

    Please join Dr Daniels Tuesday, October 25 at 6pm EDT for the Healing with Dr Daniels Show. The show's title is '
    Listen by phone or call in to 914-338-0695 or online at:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/blakeradio
    Visit http://healingwithdrdaniels.chatango.com/
    You can also listen to Dr Daniels show on Sunday August 07 on RBN at 8:06 PM EDT via browser:http://republicbroadcasting.org/shoutcast/shoutcast.html or phone 619-550-0901
    Call-in number: 800-313-9443

  • Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed & special guest to be announced

    in Health

    Susun S. Weed, a green witch and wise woman, is an extraordinary teacher with a joyous spirit, a powerful presence, and an encyclopedic knowledge of herbs and health. She is the voice of the Wise Woman Way, where common weeds, simple ceremony, and compassionate listening support and nourish health/wholeness/holiness.
    She has opened hearts to the magic and medicine of the green nations for five decades. Ms. Weed's five herbal medicine books focus on women's health topics including menopause, fertility, childbearing, and breast health.
    Visit her site www.susunweed.com for information on her workshops, apprenticeships, correspondence courses and more! Go to:  www.wisewomanmentor.com for Susun’s free herbal ezine and also mentorship offerings for those who want to go deeper…

  • WAVE Life Sciences

    in Health

    About WAVE Life Sciences
    At WAVE Life Sciences, we are driven by an unwavering passion and commitment to deliver on our mission of confronting challenging diseases by developing transformational therapies and empowering patients. We are utilizing our innovative and proprietary synthetic chemistry drug development platform to design, develop and commercialize stereopure nucleic acid therapeutics that precisely target the underlying cause of Huntington’s disease and other serious genetically defined diseases. Its lead candidate WVE-120101, which is being investigated for the treatment of Huntington’s disease (HD). Our lead program has received Orphan Drug Designation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). WVE-120101 targets rs362307, a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) that is associated with the disease-causing mutation in the huntingtin (HTT) gene. WAVE’s approach in HD enables selective silencing of the disease-causing HTT allele, while leaving the healthy HTT allele to produce normally functioning protein. Please visit www.wavelifesciences.com and follow us on Twitter at @WAVELifeSci and LinkedIn.

  • ADHD, CHADD, Advocating, Section 504: A Clarifying Definition

    in Health

    Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) is the largest nonprofit organization that advocates on behalf of those with ADHD. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, CHADD’s Public Policy Committee co-chair Dr. Jeffrey Katz (www.drjeffreykatz.com) and board member Elaine Taylor-Klaus (www.impactadhd.com) talk about what CHADD is advocating for on your behalf, the recent “Dear Colleague” letter issued  by the Office of Civil Rights related to accommodations for students with ADHD, and the promise of hope for those who could benefit from a Section 504 plan. If you want to understand who is advocating for you or understand the impact of the clarifying language of the Office of Civil Rights, this is a show you won’t want to miss!
    Attention Talk Radio is the leading site for self-help Internet radio shows focusing on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and attention deficit disorder (ADD), including managing symptoms of attention deficit disorder, adults with ADD, or adults who have children with ADHD. Attention Talk Radio, hosted by attention coach Jeff Copper, is designed to help adults and children (particularly those diagnosed with or impacted by attention deficit disorder or its symptoms) in life or business who are stuck, overwhelmed, or frustrated. It will help adults and children get unstuck and moving forward by helping to open their minds and pay attention to what works.
    Attention Talk Radio host Jeff Copper is an ADHD coach. To learn more about Jeff go to www.digcoaching.com.

  • MXMGBTR 98.9FM - 10/27 "True Life Experiences" Muscle Mom - Stephanie McSwine

    in Fitness

    A show dedicated to "True Life Experiences," the Life & Motivation of Stephanie McSwine - owner and founder of “Muscle Mom Fitness," a divorced mother of three. Stephanie has provided “Get FIT” Parties, Motivational Speeches, and Personal Training, for women – of all ages, in the Greater Metropolitan Atlanta area. 
    Over the past 20 years, she has been totally conscious about her diet and her health; but over the past 7 years, she has incorporated working out into her daily life routine. Stephanie has finally realized that in order to live a healthy lifestyle, shehad to balance exercising and implement proper eating habits. In 2014, Stephanie created a Facebook fitness page called "Muscle Mom Fitness". Her sole purpose was to motivate, inspireand encourage all to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Stephanie’s goal is to show everyone that even with a busy schedule you still can incorporate some form of exercise in your life. Her workout regimens are done solely from the comforts of her home anddoesn’t require a lot of time. Stephanie participated in a fitness blog called "The Face of Fit" in 2013. This blog featured pictures of several women who started their fitness journey at different ages of their lives and gave Stephanie another outlet to share her story and continue to encourage women on another platform."

  • ACC GLOBAL MEDIA Features Clinical Therapist &Relationship Coach Lindsey Danisch

    in Sexuality

    Toronto, Canada – Life is full of obstacles and challenges. It’s incredibly rare for a person to go through their entire life without hitting a wall. Relationships and emotions that we endure can have everlasting effects on us, especially in the moments when we’re at certain crossroads. For some, it’s easier to bury limiting feelings. Most of the time in these instances, your relationships and your life will suffer. For over 14 Lindsey Danisch of Get There (Real Life Therapy) has assisted people of all ages and all walks of life to overcome the many difficulties that life throws our way.
    Utilizing a wealth of experience, Lindsey’s impressive educational and professional background includes a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Illinois at Chicago, years of special education teaching, off and online dating/relationship consulting, social work and practices therapy within the Innate Wellness Centre located in Toronto. At www.realtherapy.ca, people can view all of the many amazing services provided by Lindsey.
    Lindsey brings a client-centered approach to the children and adults she works with. Through cognitive behavioral therapy and a blend of therapeutic homework and role-playing activities, Lindsey’s clients receive a truly interactive progression towards reaching a person’s personal goals.
    “When working with families, together, we focus on the relationships and the communication involved. In most cases, working with children leads to working with adults. It’s about assisting children to communicate with their parents and helping adults to be their best selves. How we connect throughout the cycle of life plays a major role in our personal development and I work with my clients to always continue to build,” exclaims Danisch.  

  • Telepractice: Speech Therapy over the Computer You CAN Do This at Home

    in Health

    Many older Americans suffer from acute and chronic communication disorders resulting from stroke, head and neck cancer, and neurological diseases, and although speech and language therapy can often improve symptoms and mitigate the impact of communication disorders, access to qualified providers may be limited for some patients due to: poor social supports, finances, or geographical constraints.
    For patients with limited physical access to speech-language pathology services, Telehealth, the process of providing services by videoconferencing or web interfaces is becoming an increasingly popular avenue for ensuring patients obtain necessary care from home.
    Join us as we explore the current and potential benefits and barriers for treating communication disorders using the telehealth platform.
    Erica  James, MA, CCC-SLP. The Voice and Swallowing Center, Waldo Hospital, Maine, the only program in the US to be accredited to provide speech telepractice training by the American Telemedicine Association (ATA).  Erica is experienced in providing speech and voice therapy in person and via the computer using a secure telerehabilitation platform.
    David Poskanzer, MBA, is the Vice President of Sales and Customer Care for Constant Therapy and he has been instrumental in launching the Constant Therapy mobile app and providing ongoing training and guidance to patients, therapists and 3rd party payers who are invested in accelerating the recovery from stroke and traumatic brain injury.
     As always, YOU can join the discussion by calling, sending an email to: info@voiceaerobicsdvd.com or tweet: @voiceaerobics#telepractice

  • Myeloma Talk with Dr. Parameswaran Hari

    in Health

    We are talking to Dr. Parameswaran Hari on myeloma. 

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