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  • Touching the Spirit Series - The Aura Part 2

    in Fitness

    The Aura Part 2 - Layla will discuss the human body's energetic field and it's layers. We are more than made up of skin, bones, and physiology. The seven layers of this energetic field represent our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual condition. Each layer is connected to the Chakra system.
    Tune in to Learn!

  • EPS 24: Win the hearts of your children & the people you love... NEW

    in Health

    Peter's Principles is about helping people get the most out of life by maintaining their health.Peter continues to fulfill his dream to motivate and educate America and abroad about fitness and health, he has been blessed to work with other organizations and companies that also want to make a difference in lives of people all around the world.
    Due to his personal life storyand diagnosis, Peter has become a Celebrity Spokesperson for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America. Peter also visits schools throughout the year to educate and motivate our future, the children of today. In keeping with the philosophy of Fitness Simple and Fun Peter invites one child from each school to appear on his syndicated TV series. Nielsen's success as a health and fitness expert led to numerous local and national television and radio appearances including being on NBC's affiliate station in Detroit for the past 20 years.
    Peter vows to continue to help as many people as possible and to enjoy the moment of each and every day.
    Check out Peter on his website http://petersprinciples.com/
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/Petersprinciples/
    TW: https://twitter.com/petersprinciple

  • The health benefits of Blackseed Oil and Moringa

    in Health

    Get better feel better using herbs and wisdom!!! 

  • "10 Health Tips for the New Year" - Dr. Ted Watkins, M.D.

    in Health

    Dr. Ted Watkins, M.D. graduated from the Howard University College of Medicine in 1977. He works in Washington, D.C. and specializes in General Practice and Family Medicine.
    As a regular guest on HealthWealthandDivine, Dr. Watkins has  shared his expertise with us on "How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Naturally" as well as, 'Overcoming Adrenal Fatigue".  Don't miss this very informative interview.,  Spread the word and remember information is powerless unless you use it. 
    Tune in from 8:00-9:00am est. Please call in at (347) 324-5727. 

  • Receive the Key to Endless Energy

    in Health

    Resetting your priorities and taking inspired action are powerful ways to have the life and health you want. Maximize your strengths with the help of an expert who also knows what goes on behind the scenes in health care.
    Uncover your own Wisdom
    If you feel pressured to consume more health care than you want or may need, you might benefit from talking with me, not to decide for you, but to help you process your decision. There are safe, cost-effective self-care measures that allow for your increased productivity and health.
    Over-consumption of healthcare services can be unwitting, sometimes risky, and even harmful — not the kind of “health benefit” you want or expect! Sometimes just processing information with an expert can help you uncover your own wisdom and truths.
    Sound Health Options

  • Launch of the HIPP about Health Radio Show

    in Nutrition

    The HIPP about Health movement was created to empower the people of God to live Healthy, Inspiring, Prayerful and Powerful in the area of their physical and emotional healthy. We will be what it mean to be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that your soul and body prospers even as your spirit does.
    We will introduce members of the team, you will hear some of their stories and find out why they are HIPP about Health.
    Lillian Lartey may also be joining us to talk about her new book, "How To Detox Easily, Safely & Get The Results You Want"

  • Lost Arts Radio Show #104 - Special Guest Tom DeWeese

    in Health

    This Sunday evening, we are joined by Tom DeWeese, founder of the American Policy Center (www.americanpolicy.org) and author of the new political thriller called Erase. He has agreed to give Lost Arts Radio listeners a private mini-class on the United Nations, an important topic that too many Americans have never had the opportunity to study. The successor to the short-lived League of Nations, the United Nations was established after WWII. It is supposed to be a force for peace and harmony in the world, and is a vast organization with many ongoing projects and subdivisions. Currently the United Nations is moving toward its goal of imposing world personal taxes and expanding its military and international police powers.
    How many of the United Nations projects are we aware of and do we really understand what they do? How does the United Nations connect to Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030? What impact is it having on our local communities? These and other questions will be addressed in detail on Sunday night's show. For me, I look forward to learning from teachers who have great depth of experience and knowledge. Tom DeWeese is one of those, a world class authority on the impact of United Nations programs, especially Agenda 21.
    Join me, your host Richard Sacks, every week for fascinating discussions, amazing guests and useful information that you will not want to miss. If you want to support the work of Lost Arts Research Institute, please donate to our efforts at www.lostartsresearchinstitute.org, and tell others about the show.

  • Anything Can Happen in Eleven Days!

    in Health

    Caroline’s guest today is Judy Cochrane author of Eleven Days – From 35 Million to Foods Stamps: What a Family Gains When Losing the American Dream. Be ready for a compelling story! Judy received C’s in English in high school and college and never aspired to be a writer. But after her 11-day house-sitting experience and with encouragement by a university writing professor to write the story just as she would tell it, she did just that. It took a decade to start the project and only a few months to complete a first draft of Eleven Days – a harrowing story of a total lifestyle change and how Judy and her family survived the experience. Her inspirational products and tees can now be found on her author website : http://www.jccochrane.com./  Join us for this inspirational hour and find out how one woman and her family coped with extraordinary circumstances.
    Tonight: Caroline discusses Sinus Issues. 5:30pm PT, 8:30pm ET. Register for call-in information here! Listen to all archives, by topic, here.
    “I’ve been a Caroline Sutherland fan ever since the first moment I met her in the ’90s. In fact, she fulfilled a dream of mine. At our first meeting, Caroline looked at me, clearly saw my deficiencies and nutritional needs, and on the spot designed a special plan for my particular body. I felt understood for the first time.” - Louise Hay, Author of You Can Heal Your Life

  • Happy Homeowners with Michelle Coates - Mortgage Advisor

    in Health

     Michelle Coates with Dominion Lending Centres, shares her passion while offering tips on how buyers can help themselves.
    When Michelle isn't turning clients into Happy Homeowners in the Edmonton area, she loves to shop, travel and volunteer.
    Tune in and see why people choose Michelle to help!

  • Spiritual Causes of Anxiety, Depression and Suicide

    in Health

    When I was in medical school, the "chemical imbalance in the brain" theory for depression was all the rage. 
    but the more I saw my clients, and even my own family members struggle with medications, the less I started to believe it. Then I interviewed Kelly Brogan about her extensive research onhow nutrition and gut healing can balance hormones and treat the underlying causes of psychiatric issues and it just solidified my experience. 
    Not only do we have nutritional issues contributing massively to depression and anxiety, we have cell phone radiation (ya, let's microwave our brains while we sleep with the cell phone next to us....NOT!), and since delving into entity clearing work its come to my attention that spiritual issues cause or contribute to many if not most psychiatric diseases.
    With one deft entity clearing, a person can go from being suicidal to suddenly not being suicidal!
    Yet, beyond entity clearing, there are other spiritual issues that underlie symptoms of anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation.
    In this self-hosted episode, I'll be exploring what these issues are and what to do about them.  Then we're going to be doing a group energy activation to help clear and balance these issues.
    And because I've promised to do at least one radio show a month with free healings, here's your chance to get some energy healing from me!
    In the second half of the show, I'll be doing energy readings and clearings on people calling in and people on the chat.  So if you've never had a chance to get a healing from me or finances have blocked you from being able to purchase my spiritual healing packages, this is a great opportunity to ask for some help!  

  • Winter Aromatherapy with Desiree Cromwell-Kraft

    in Health

    Being Well is great any time of the year!  So is being able to utilize natural ways to get there.
    Today Desiree Cromwell-Kraft joins us to share her experience & wisdom this holiday season in regards to Winter Aromatherapy.  We will be discussing some of the benefits of aromatherapy and the use of essential oils along with specific ones that would benefit us most during the winter.  We will also be talking about recipes you can use in your wellness and beauty regimen that work with what the cold element brings.
    Desiree Cromwell-Kraft is a master Formulator of Organic Personal Care and Wellness products, including her limited edition of organic skin healing, anti-aging and beautifying enzyme masks under her Desiree of Carmel brand.  As a licensed Medical Esthetician, Facialist, and Aromaphysiotherapist, CMT, for more than 20 years she was the pioneering proprietor of the Desiree of Carmel Aromatherapeutic Salon & Skin Care Center in Carmel, CA, one of the world's most beautiful places anyone can live.
    As an educator she has lectured and conducted workshops at the Alexes Zorbus resort in Corfu, Greece, the Esalen Center in Big Sur, the Monterey Institute of Touch, and she founded the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy where Desiree developed certification courses in Essential Oils, Olfactory System, Skin Analysis, Botanicals, and Aromatic Techniques to name a few.  Among her other remarkable accomplishments was her creation of Purifique Naturally, the world's first bottled hydrosol water lauded by the International Water Congress in Italy.
    To contact Desiree, you can email her at: desiree3sisters@gmail.com

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