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    This is Your Brain......This is Your Brain With Epilepsy

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    Do you know anyone with epilepsy?  Most of us know someone with epilepsy or has some type of seizures.  It is a disorder of the brain.  Most seizures can be controlled with medications. According to the Epilepsy Foundation of Eastern Pennsylvania, over 5 million Americans have been diagnosed with epilepsy or some type of seizure. There are over 40 different causes of epilepsy.
    Our guest is Charles McClinon will share his experience of living with epilepsy. He was given this diagnosis at a young age and throughout the years has battled atypical seizures, struggling to find the right diagnosis and disability with this illness.  Tune in to this show to share his remarkable journey/
    Natural health tips that will balance the body to improve the negative effects of epilepsy and other cnetral nervous system and brain disorders will also be discussed.

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    WIP Changed to Taylor'D Health

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    HEALTH, HEALTH, HEALTH, talking most things health.
    Giving a non licensed approach to health.  Filling the gap between medical help and health.
    Not to be compared with the medical field.  The real power is in a lifestyle.  NOT in a pill.  Sometimes you have to get away from western medicine to get better.  
    See what your body can do, when  its given the things to thrive.  

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    Just always focusing on the negative things and focus more on the positive.  Stop forcing things that are no longer meaningful to you!

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    You're Not Sick, You're Just Thirsty!!!

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    You're not sick!  You're just thirsty!  Stop treating your thirst with medication, DRINK MORE WATER, PURE WATER!
    I was doing a little research on distilled water verses ionized water, and I found some pretty interesting things.  I have a few friends who insist on drinking distilled water because their rationale is: it does not have any chemicals in it and it is pure water, so it obviously is “good for you”. This sparked an interest in what the health benefits or consequences are from distilled water versus alkaline water. These particular friends are always having trouble with joint & muscle aches too, which makes me suspect the distilled water is wreaking havoc on their bodies.
    I found a few things that I thought were very interesting about distilled water.  Now obviously distilled water is not going to kill you, but I wanted to find out how healthy it really was for you, especially in comparison to alkaline ionized water.

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    The Resiliency of Peer Support

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    PTSDchat.org is an online support and resource community for those diagnosed with or wanting to learn about all things related to PTSD.  Each week, people from around the globe join our chat or radio talk show to provide or receive peer support.   Tonight, firefighters Tim Grutzius and Paul Jockimo will discuss:  the concept of peer support; can being a peer supporter affect one's psyche; how to repair and remain grounded/resilient throughout the peer support process. Everyone who joins our community provides peer support to another whether or not they are trained to do so.  We want to encourage an honest and open discussion about tonight's topic because "we are not Teflon" and some things we are exposed to each week can/may stick (to our psyche).  

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    Travis Martin's Weight Loss Podcast #19 with Jessica Pratt

    in Weight Loss

    Jessica is an amazing woman.  She's been through a lot and by the grace of God has overcome.  Here her story.  

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    The importance of H20 intake after a massage session

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    Drinking water is essential after a massage session. The reason being is because toxins are in muscles and once muscles are worke on during a massage session toxins are released. When toxins are released they float around.. Water rinses these toxins out, if water is not consumed the toxins will float and either go back where they came from or store into another location. Yes, my friends this is why water consumption is essential after a massage session

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    For 20 years, Lori Ovitz, has applied makeup to top celebrities and models, as well as to major figures in business and sports. Her work has appeared in many national magazines and publications, television commercials and newscasts, and videos.
    Lori began perfecting the art of makeup for people undergoing chemotherapy, radiation and other cancer-related treatments as a paramedical makeup specialist. For the past eight years, she has been applying makeup in private sessions without charge for patients at the University of Chicago Hospitals Cancer Research Foundation and she is a board member of Comer Children's Hospital.
    From the many cancer patients that Ovitz has met, she learned a great deal more than just makeup solutions; she also leaned firsthand about the enormous energy that looking good gives to a person with cancer. Ovitz has written "Facing the Mirror with Cancer" with the tools of the makeup kit in her hand and the love of helping people in her heart. Lori Ovitz is available to demonstrate her techniques all over the world through seminars, workshops, and keynote speaking. You can learn more about Lori and her beautiful work at www.facingthemirror.org.

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    Skin Bleachin,why are Black women choosing to lighten their skin?

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    Kettle Talk: Building our Communities...It Takes a FUNCTIONAL Village!

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    As a health care provider, I spend a lot of time speaking with people who are experiencing more than basic health issues.  We overlook the impact stress and depression can have on our physical health.  We are typically unaware of how these negative emotions and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness can affect our families and other people in our daily lives.  With Kettle Talk, I invite participants to discuss their views of what's hurting our communities and suggest solutions. 
    I will introduce efforts which have been shared with me, in rebuilding our communities.  I will make announcements for business and community networking.  You will, upon joining us, be able to take part in full discussion.  However, I ask that you be mindful of basic conversational rules.  I will end communication from anyone who is rude and disruptive.  
    There is a lot at stake here.  Our children are still dying at a rapid pace.  Our youth have no hope for their future. We have thousands of children in state foster agencies, wishing for a family, but quite frequently just wishing they had their natural parents.  We have fosters who are "aging out" and are facing an enormous fear of what comes next.  
    Our businesses are losing money and customers.  We are afraid to support our own businesses, for specific reasons we'll discuss.  At the same time, we can't afford to support our businesses, even when we want to.
    We've lost site of what it is to have faith.  We don't know how to BELIEVE!  We don't know how to PRAY!!!  
    Join us!

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    Motivational Mondays

    in Health

    Join Dr Jason S Henderson DPT, MBA every Monday morning for business development as his partners Dr Olu Ezeani DPT, George Brownlee PT and Dr Courtland Wyatt DPT discuss business network development and strategic planning 

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