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    Ep #544 – Dr. Natasha Winters – We Will Not Find The Cure For Cancer As Long As ...

    in Fitness

    It was an honor to have Dr. Natasha Winters on the show. She came highly recommended by our former guest Alison Gannett whose body is right now healing from brain cancer. Dr. Winters is the author of The Metabolic Approach to Cancer: Integrating Deep Nutrition, the Ketogenic Diet, and Nontoxic Bio-Individualized Therapies If you haven’t […]
    The post Ep #544 – Dr. Natasha Winters – We Will Not Find The Cure For Cancer As Long As We Continue To Wage War Against It appeared first on Extreme Health Radio.

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    Fix Your Period with Nicole Jardim

    in Health

    Evelyne Lambrecht from Elevate Your Energy interviews Nicole Jardim, women's health and functional nutrition coach at www.nicolejardim.com. Nicole's mission is to help women in their 20s and 30s reclaim their hormonal health and feminine vitality naturally. We talked about:
    - why women have been sold a lie about the benefits of hormonal birth control 
    - why birth control is wreaking havoc on your real hormones
    - why ovulation is necessary
    - how to recover from being on hormonal birth control
    - the biggest culprits that may be messing with your hormones and what to do about it
    - the best foods and supplements to stabilize your hormones

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    2013 Body by Vi 90 day CHALLENGE

    in Fitness

    Hi, I'm your Host Rhonda Knight. We will be talking about the 90 day CHALLENGE with National Director Megan LaFlamme. She is a National Director with Body By Vi and a private personal trainer. She exclaims proudly "spreading health, wealth, & prosperity via the 90-day body by vi challenge... transforming lives from both a health & financial perspective... I LOVE what I do & my vi-family! :) vi-life!!!" YOU do not want to miss this show!    

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    Holistic Dental Care: Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums with Nadine Artemis

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    Nadine Artemis visits Perfectly Healthy And Toned Radio to discuss her book,"Holistic Dental Care: The Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums."
    Nadine Artemis is the creator of Living Libations, an exquisite  line of serums, elixirs,  and essential oils for those seeking  purest botanical health and beauty products on the planet. She is a  frequent contributor on  health and beauty  for media outlets  and her products have received rave reviews in The New York Times, The New York Post, and The Hollywood Reporter.
    Nadine’s new paradigm for beauty and her natural approach to health presents a revolutionary vision: it allows the life-force  of flowers, dewdrops,  plants, sun and water to be the ingredients of  healthy living and lets everything unessential, contrived, and artificial  fall away.

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    in Health

    One of the things that make young adult cancer so unique is that you can be diagnosed while pregnant, which is something that doesn't happen when you're 8 or 80. Joining us to discuss the trials and tribulations of facing a cancer diagnosis and treatment while pregnant are Amanda Albritton and Cassidy White.

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    Have you heard of Whole30?

    in Health

    This popular elimination diet is all over the news and we're bringing it to Core Wellness starting in January.  Hear from Dr. E about why this might make sense for you and what's involved.  Currently not taking calls - listen only mode

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    Weight Loss? Yeah right. I have no one to help me.

    in Weight Loss

    Shibboleth represents the best in weight loss support, behavior modification, education and entertainment.  Weight loss is practical, sustainable and fun.  Travis explains how.  

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    Ernestine Shepherd - World's Oldest Female Bodybuilder/Guinnes Book World Record

    in Health

    Ernestine Shepherd (June 16, 1936) was the oldest competitive female bodybuilder in the world, as declared by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2010 and 2011.
    Ms. Shepherd is in better shape than most people, decades her junior. Up at 3 a.m. every morning, she spends her days running, lifting weights and working out.  She also works as a certified personal trainer at her gym.
    Feeling better than she did at 40,”Bodybuilding champion Ernestine Shepherd shows us that ”being out of shape” as we age truly is merely an option — NOT a mandate!  She is a role model not just for senior women everywhere, but for every one of us. .
    Inspired by Sylvester Stallone she is a die-hard “Rocky” fan, and fan of First Lady Michelle Obama.  She says Sylvester Stallone is her man, and she would love to meet him one day.  Also, she is looking for an excuse to meet the First Lady Michelle Obama and help her with her work on controlling obesity, who she calls “so beautiful, inside and out.”  She feels they are on the same mission and should combine their work.
    Her diet consists of 1,700 calories a day, mostly from boiled egg whites, chicken, vegetables and a liquid egg white drink, and she runs about 80 miles a week; she does not take supplements.  She is trained by former Mr. Universe Yohannie Shambourger.

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    Going on hiatus for a while

    in Health

    Putting my energy into YouTube videos and gonna start writing a book.

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    Heartbreak to Wholeness with Bestselling Author Kristine Carlson

    in Health

    Kristine Carlson -- the New York Times bestselling author, speaker, and leader in the field of transformation -- achieved acclaim for the publishing industry phenomenon,  Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff series with her now-late husband Dr. Richard Carlson, is joining the Gab with the Gurus Podcast to tell you how to heal and how to love. 
    Now author of the book, From Heartbreak to Wholeness, Kristine will tell you:
    * How to make the hero’s journey to joy after heartbreak if you're now suffering.
    * How to be a hero while suffering loss.
    * How to react or what to say to someone grieving the loss of a loved one through death or divorce.
    * Why you want to boldly face your heartbreak -- even if it scares, worries or depresses you.
    * How to come back from great pain --- or from feeling completely shattered --- to actually feeling whole again?
    * How and why to share your own heroic story of heartbreak and healing.  

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    Radiation Threat Prompts Public software Give-a-Way

    in Health

    Experts report that insidious radiation exposure is more dangerous than vaccinations; it kills you from the inside out and makes you miserable in the process.  There is an epidemic of unidentified immune and cell-signaling disorders that can be traced to cellular radiation damage.  The “authorities” who are supposed to be protecting us aren’t paying attention or they just don’t want you to know how radiation exposure in our food, air and water is robbing us of our life force.
    Health is more important than Wealth! – BioAcoustic Radiation Exposure software downloads (2) will be provided to each listener along with a textbook, two-hour class, charts and hassle-free registration, all on-line, on-demand. Mac users must use special instructions.
    This Give-a-Way is an experimental idea to provide public software for the crisis that is facing our world and to provide an avenue for SELF HEALTH and responsibility.  The software is based on extrapolated nutrition and genetic data from three decades of work with frequency correlations. Help us put health back into the hands of THE PEOPLE.  Join us for an extraordinary journey to change our future.
    To join the online meeting (Now from mobile devices!)
    Go to https://soundhealth.webex.com/soundhealth/j.php?ED=176572367&UID=1113478802&PW=NM2UzZjUwZTY4&RT=MiMxMQ%3D%3D

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