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    in Health

    Please join us Wednesday, June 24, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. California time for a live interview with host Denise Messenger.  Ellie Savoy is the author of the #1 international bestselling book "Stop Dieting Start Living: 5 Foundations for Your Health to Permanently Lose Weight Without Dieting Starvation or Suffering in Silence” and a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach.
    Ellie’s mission is to help yo-yo dieters get off the dieting merry-go-round permanently, and discover the simplicity and joy of investing in their most precious asset ~ a healthy mind, body and soul.
    A yo-yo dieter for over 25 years and regularly not feeling satisfied with the way she looked, everything changed for Ellie in the summer of 2011 when she was diagnosed with uterine fibroids. She refers to it as "a gift in disguise”. She was given four options, three involved surgery and the forth was to do nothing. The idea of surgery was unappealing and doing nothing was not an option because she knew change was necessary. This shocking moment made her realize the errors of her ways. She started a journey of self-healing, and ended up stumbling upon the real secret to weight loss.  You asked for it and we deliver.

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    in Caregiving

    In this episode, Host, Micheal Pope, will cover subjects, such as cost preparation before the reopening of the State, guidelines/requirements for service-related programs, the rigorous attestation process, and more.
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    Elder care law issues

    in Health

    Elder care law issues

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    Get Healthy Now with Denise Thomson and Guest Holley Mignosi

    in Health

    Good morning and welcome to Get Health Now with Denise Thomson, Certified Transformational Health Coach, Nurse, Fitness Trainer, Educator, Blogtalkradio host and best selling author.
    Today I have the honor and great pleasure to introduce Holley Mignosi to you.
    Bio: She is a Speaker, Storyteller, and Body Language Expert, helps speakers and experts increase their influence and impact through the art of Hypnotic Body Language and the Neuroscience of Storytelling. 
    With a combined 30 years experience as a celebrity modeling and acting coach, fitness trainer and public speaking coach, Holley has helped over 250,000 people embody their message with presence, power and passion. She imparts experts with proven charisma skills, storytelling techniques and uncovers hidden talents tapping into their signature star power on stage. Her techniques help clients land prestigious speaking gigs, powerful partnerships and global connections...
    CEO and Founder of The Dynamic Dream Life Group Inc.
    Holds multiple certiications in mindset and physiality specialties such as NLP,
    Q for Interview:
    Storytelling: her story
    Tell us about the 5 steps to crafting a powerful Signature Story?
    the types of personal stories we should AND should not share?
    biggest mistakes people make with storytelling in business?
    Body Language
    BL signals of leadership and charisma
    audience / networking event
    engage audience, feel more engaged and connected
    Social Media Links:
    Gift: Hottest hand gestures for charisma, leadership and influence
    Join fellow Transformational Speakers in our FB group "Shine on Stage"
    healthybody, mind, finances
    562-335-4956 vm txt

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    in Sexuality

    Join Ms. V every Sunday at 9pm when you never know what she will talk about.  It's like ease dropping on a private conversation about sex.   She does mix it up with the listeners and guest chimming in, but you never know what Ms. V will say.  Join the conversation at 646-716-8041
    Also we'll be discussing up coming adult events in the industry and public and radio appearances we'll be making.
    This is a all new V's After Dark that you don't want to miss

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    How Stress Can Affect Your Health with Kevin Castillo

    in Health

    Today i have my good friend and client Kevin Castillo on the show.  He is going to talk about how his stressful life and job was affecting his health and he didn't realize it was stress related.

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    Plantas No Pastillas

    in Nutrition

    bono para perder pe

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    Get A GoodNights Sleep, Vitamin D benefits, Cinnamon & Cellulite, Heart Disease

    in Health

    How to get a goodnights sleep, benefits of Vitamin D, cinnamon oil and cellulite, healing bruised muscles, atherosclerosis,VitaminC,K2, D & L-lysine,magnesium citrate,study on LSD, hormone disruption,Diabetic Regimen, neuropathy & liopoic acid drip & magnetic insoles, Plus more....

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    Renowned Miracle Healer & Medical Intuitive w/Blinking Eyes, Kimberly Meredith

    in Health

    Kimberly Meredith is a Medical Medium, Trance Channeler, Hands-on Healer, and  Spiritual Teacher. Blessed with a unique array of extraordinary healing and psychic abilities, Kimberly Meredith is quickly gaining recognition as one of the world’s most gifted Medical Mediumship Healers and Spiritual Speakers. Kimberly is a vessel for God, Mother Mary, Ascended Masters, Angels, and Advanced Civilizations. Kimberly is often compared to Edgar Cayce, the Father of Holistic Medicine, himself a Medical Medium, and the most documented psychic of the 20th Century. Kimberly has healed and helped many thousands of people, removing tumors, restoring hearing, curing cancer, correcting immobility, and completely alleviating people of disease. Kimberly is able to “scan” people and animals faster and more accurately than any MRI, ultrasound, or thermography machine, accurately diagnosing diseases and symptoms. Through her healing mediumship and blinking eyes, Kimberly is then guided to perform laying-on of hands or psychic surgery to heal these conditions through the power of the Holy Spirit. Kimberly’s gifts manifest through her eyes blinking up to 20 Multidimensional Codes, including three consecutive blinks, which indicate Divine Confirmation. She communicates through Divinely-guided sign language, and she also speaks in 5th Dimensional Etheric Angelic Light Language in order to heal, awaken, and move humanity forward.

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    Fantasies & Fetishes

    in Sexuality

    It is Therapy Thursday! Tonight we are talking about Fantasies & Fetishes! What are some of your favorite fetishes? Are you ready to make your fantasies happen? We will offer some tips & ideas from our perspective. Join the conversation by calling 929-477-1436, press 1 to go live with your host Queen Vi & Hakim BornJust

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    The Era of Bullying 2020

    in Fitness

    What was known as teasing back in the day has transmuted to the era of Bullying 2020. In this episode, I welcome my special guest Michelle Tremblay, PID Bully Prevention Trainer and founder of MPower Lives. Michelle and I will discuss the many underlying issues which lead to Bullying, this includes but not limited to emotional and mental health. Michelle has an outstanding ability to recognize the issues facing today's youth as well as corporate professionals experiencing some form of Bullying.
    Her bio includes -
    Michelle Tremblay, founder of MPower Lives Company, is located in the Tri-Cities area in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland.  She has worked with over 15,000 participants nationwide and is highly recognized as a powerful speaker, great motivator and compassionate leader. She is dedicated, committed, and inspired to Mpower change in the workplace, schools and community at large through mental and physical health and wellness strategies, mindfulness and social and emotional learning.
    She believes each individual can feel valued, confident, and responsible through the proper tools, support and workplace conditions. Her corporate work has lead her to present to clients such as Work Safe BC, Van-Cities, Fraser Valley Child Development Centres, CPHR, School Districts and Non-for-Profit Agencies.
    Michelle holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt with 18 years of Karate training and is a director on the board of the Iamsomeone Organization to end bullying.  For over the last 9 years her work has also consisted of teaching, mentoring and coaching children and youth with bully prevention training in school and after school programs, non-for-profit agencies, recreation centres, private organizations, personal and group coaching clients. 

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