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Souls Evolution Journey and True Self Empowerment


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Marc also known by Healing4innerpeace for many years, Has over 20 years exploring the process of conscious ascension and of all our soul expressions. These include all of who and what we truly are on all levels of creation. Learning Healing modalities was just part of our human lightwork experience, and the continuation of our expanding conscious soul experience and beingness. Marc is a Conscious Ascension Coach, Soul Matrix Healer. He has had major galactic and soul matrix refinement and upgrade by source and doing specific work with Andrmeda Counciil and Gaia. This allows him to provide specific divine service to humanity and all life/ creation. Consciously integrating our true Wholeness with all that is, that extends far beyond any of these 3D/4D modalities and expands us into the higher creation consciousness of Source. Spending time in Nature exploration throughout all aspects of creation. Providing Divine Service for Mother Earth, Humanities Ascension and all life. Multi Dimensional and Multi Universal Channeling from Source Creator Consciousness in all aspects of His Soul Mission is to share linear and non linear soul experiences and expansion with individuals, groups and online radio audience. Channeling Source Harmonic Creation Frequencies through Invocations and Toning to assist all that hear his I AM presences Soul Expressions to move forward in their conscious soul ascension experience. Through this process of Conscious Integration of all of our soul and true divine self-empowerment is achieved.

On-Demand Episodes

Soul Evolution Journey Welcomes Suzan Caroll Ph D For years, I resisted the instructions from my Inner Guidance to create a website, but the inner urging would not stop. Finally, I gave into my SELF & began, what has become one of... more

Souls Evolution Journey Welcomes Lavandar for a Galactic Update January 9 2011 Lavandar is a Galactic Shaman, Master Astrologher and Seer, who has advised many celebrities and politicians. Accuracy and Expertise come from... more

Cowboy Swami Shaman joins Marc for a spiritual holiday end of year retrospective and a looking forward to 2011 & 2012 - and to feel how the shift into paradise affects you personally, planetary and cosmically. We'll play some of... more

Barbara Hofmeister, author of "To Be Or Not To Be - The Choice Is Yours!" joins me to discuss how we can reclaim our freedom to choose the life we want. Visit Barbara Hofmeister is an internationally renowned... more

Barbara Rynolds and Cynastry will be joining us. This will also be a follow up from the 11 11 Gateway We will be discussing the integration of our Multi dimensional soul aspects , merging with our oversoul through our higher self into our full... more

Soul Evolution Journey Welcomes Paul Wong Paul Wong is a professional practitioner of Chinese Energetics, trained by Dr. Yuen. He has successfully worked on hundreds of people in the general public to remove pain, reduce... more

WELCOMES Intuitive/Clairvoyant/Clairaudient/Clairsentient Healer & Teacher; Shaman, Spiritual Life Coach & The Voice of THE WISE ONES, KAREN CRESSMAN KAREN is The Interpreter & The... more

Aeon Pi Phlo is a Timeless Being Of Endless Circles Flowing Into and Out of the Source of all knowing, ever changing and co creating the next existence. He is founded upon the cornerstones of freedom. Peace Joy Harmony and Love.... more

Soul Evolution Journey Special Ten Ten 2010 Show
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