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The Anna and Susannah Show

The Anna and Susannah Show


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Funny women, Anna of HaHas for HooHas and Susannah of Whoa Susannah, share funny stories at our own expense. And maybe at the expense of our husbands. And kids. Whatever.

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Storms in life are inevitable. Being a Christian doesn't mean we get to escape the heartache and hardship of life. But it does mean we get to persevere with supernatural strength, supernatural peace and every once in a while when He... more

Remember when Jesus was taking a snooze on a boat during a storm? And the disciples went into a full blown panic? Here they were - on a boat - WITH JESUS - and slipped into the panic abyss. The storms in life can be terrifying, but... more

Here's a delightful nugget of wisdom from the Bible: Lighten up! Laugh a little! Get yourself a cheerful heart and just stop with the nonsense! Feel better? No? You will after listening to this hilarious (yet inspiring) episode. Special thanks to our... more

Proverbs 31:10 A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. As much as I have trouble believing it, beauty has nothing to do with my cellulite, a good bra and a miracle toner. The book of Proverbs talks about... more

Proverbs 19:8: He who gains wisdom loves his own life. What if you had a cure that would, without a doubt, heal someone's suffering - but no matter how many times you shared the cure, people ignored you? Created excuses as to why you... more

The information age started by spoon feeding us information and we were thankful because Encyclopedia's are for nerds and people with too much shelf space. But the spoon has slowly evolved into a bat. Over our heads. All the... more

We forget. We take it for granted. We know it, but we don't always believe it. We hope, but don't always feel. This episode is an in your face reminder of the ultimate truth.

Is this the worst time to be alive? The worst? Or maybe one of the most important? In this episode, let's talk about why this is an incredibly important time to be alive as a Believer. One thing this Internet/Information Age has done is... more

God created us to need love. The Bible says God is love. So, one can gather from these two facts that God created us to need Him. Isn't that so simple, yet so profound? On par with food, water and shelter, love is one of our most basic,... more

The English language doesn't do God's love justice. In fact, there are varying types of "Love" in the bible, with the Greek root words of Eros (erotic love), Philia (affectionate love, friendship), Storge (familial love), and Agape (selfless love,... more