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Golden State Media Concepts’ Health and Wellness Podcast is dedicated to workout trends, healthy eating habits, diet & exercise advice, and healthy living.

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Staci has been learning about lots of new diets lately and one that really interests her is Volumetrics because despite its scientific-sounding name, it's actually quite easy to follow and generally considered to be completely healthy. As always, if... more

Breathe in, and out...if you can. Staci and Sarah remember all the times that exercise left them breathless as they discuss Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Combustion or EPOC (or afterburn or oxygen debt) and how to achieve more of... more

Staci knows what activated charcoal is...in skincare products. But she had no idea it was used for other things, including poisoning (gasp)! She'll explain the supposed health benefits of activated charcoal as well as it's known side... more

Back when she did the MBTI workout episode, Staci had to mention Nia but, you may have heard, there was a bit of a question in her voice because...she didn't actually know what Nia was. Well, question no more! Staci and Sarah talk Nia... more

Staci is evidently subconciously terrified of getting Alzheimer's (and, less subconciously, wants to eat healthier) so she and Sarah talk about the MIND diet which is a meta-acronym mix of the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet --... more

Different strokes may be for different folks but for most people their body clocks run pretty much the same. In this episode Staci talks the circadian rhythm, what it is, how it can affect your body, and some steps you can take to get back in... more

Sarah is allergic to lavendar which is why Staci chose to talk about aromatherapy....because it's not like lavendar is popular in that...not at all. Anywhoo, Sarah and Staci talk about aromatherapy, the pros for it as well as... more

"Hey baby, what's your type?" (creepy leer) Okay, but really, all creepiness aside, people are different (duh) and what works for one person does not necessarily work for another, hence the popularity of personality-based systems like... more

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body but for Staci and Sarah it might be silliness as they discuss collagen, what it's used for in the body, types, and how to get more of it (also words and evil plans, because). As always,... more

It's summer! Which means sunscreen is now front and center is the skincare aisle. It also means the sun is more intense and your skin is more likely to receive damage so Staci talks about some tips to help protect your skin, not only from... more