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Golden State Media Concepts’ Health and Wellness Podcast is dedicated to workout trends, healthy eating habits, diet & exercise advice, and healthy living.

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Back to school means back to sports so Staci talks about sport safety equipment, especially helmets and how they might not protect as well as you might think and what to look for to get the best protection in a helmet. As always, if you enjoyed... more

There are certain enclaves in the world that are known for having very healthy populations: The Mediterranean, Japan, Loma Linda...wait what? Yes, Loma Linda, California is known for being a health enclave because it has a high... more

Now that it's fall/back-to-school time Staci is starting to feel like a student again...including all the stress and feelings of being overwhelmed that came along with that. But fortuitously, she happened to come across tips for how to deal... more

Even though they discussed things that involve fats (paleo! Keto!) before, Staci and Sarah have never really discussed fats themselves. So in an attempt to end their confusion (and, hopefully, yours as well) they are going to take this... more

If only, if only...if only there were a pill that would Staci not want to eat sugar so she could cut out one of her biggest health struggles. Well, perhaps someday there may be thanks to drug companies and Essential Fructosoria. In... more

Staci was out last week because she was sick, part of which is due to bad air quality from the smoke from all the wildfires in northern California. So this episode's topic of lung health is very relevant. In this episode, Staci will discuss... more

It's back to school time! Staci and Sarah are total nerds so along with books they also loved going back to school but times seem to have changed a bit since back in their day (when they trudged to school uphill both ways...in the snow!).... more

Sarah discusses alternative uses you might not have thought of for some common plants. Have you ever heard of hay bathing? How about marijuana massage? Did you know turmeric can be used to reduce inflmmation? Tune in to hear more... more

Ah, acronyms. Staci seems to be rolling in them with HIIT and LISS last episode and FODMAP this episode...which is sadly not a FOODMAP. However, Staci is still hear to help you find your way through this confusing mass of scientificky... more

Staci and Sarah discuss HIIT's archnemesis, LISS Cardio, protector of the old, the weak, and all those with bad knees. However, all hope may not be lost for followers of HIIT, can LISS Cardio save them too? Tune in to find out... As... more