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GSMC Health and Wellness Podcast Episode 3: Quitting Bad Habits and Improving Social Wellness (6-17-

  • Broadcast in Health
GSMC Health Wellness Podcast

GSMC Health Wellness Podcast


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In this episode Pauline and Mariano talk about:    

1. Bad habits to quit now (and how to quit)  

a. Smoking

b. Eating / drinking sugary foods (Sodas, juices, fraps, candy, sugary cereals)  c. What makes quitting so hard    

2. Ketosis: Diet with nothing but Protein sources and veggies, no grains, sugars, carbs or  starches (upsides and downsides of this diet)

3. Tips to feel fuller longer

4. Setting small achievable goals, rather than large goals that seem too fantastic to achieve  

a. Walking on your lunch break around the block at work  

b. Parking your car farther away from the entrance to the grocery store, classroom  or job to add in more walking throughout your day.

 c. Buying a bigger water bottle and first making it a goal to drink the whole thing  throughout the day, then drink the whole bottle before you leave work or class,  then getting to a point where you drink more than one full bottle before leaving  etc  

d. Cutting back on sugary drinks and/or alcohol  

5. Social wellness

a. If you miss someone, such as a friend from high school or college, a family  member you have not seen in awhile, call, FB, email them. Maybe go out to  coffee or just talk and catch up on the phone.  

b. Be a yes man or woman. If you always say no when people invite you to things,  they will stop inviting you. Be adventurous and try new things just because your  friends enjoy it and want you along for the fun.

c. If there is someone you want to get to know, you invite them to something. It  takes a friend to be a friend. It’s going to take time and effort. We believe in  romancing a love interest or a crush, but never think about putting in deep effort  to be someone’s friend.We figure oh if they don’t call us or invite us first then they  must not like me, or they are not good people.


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