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Get coaching & support on all things energy & spiritual healing, to clear your way back to your true identity (ie: power) and RE-empowerment. Plus bi-weekly updates & analysis of the hidden surface & off-world battle to liberate the planet, with Top sources + guests. On every 2nd Wed, 9pm EST

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Jan 31 / Feb1 New Moon - UPGRADE The 2022 Timeline -144K Mass Meditation
  • by Ground Crew Command
  • in Spirituality
  • 02:00

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This anular eclipse is at the Summer Solstice. It's also on June 21st - one of 4 special moments throughout the year when the gates between the dimensions are open wide. The eclipse is in Cancer - the sign of the divine mother. It's on... more

A special convergence is about to occur on June the 14th. And it's not just because of the BIG - planet altering ramifications of the Eris/Pluto Square. Which is big enough on its own! On THIS June 14th of 2020... we also have the... more

So an intense period - from the George Floyd murder, to June 6 … 06/06/.06 - has ended, and to get to the point… … we WON … they lost. It' s likely that this was the last and certainly the last BEST hope the dark had... more

This lunar eclipse makes contact with the Great Attractor. What do you wish to manifest at this moment? It is also ...our responsibility... ​To fully embody the LIGHT during the 144k Advanced Mass Meditation at the Lunar Eclipse We... more

A two month battle for a crucial grid point is over. It was not the one in India. It was brutal, however. Even by Arcturian standards …It was re-claimed back to Goddess … Darkness was ROYALY P@%#D … And we... more

Mayday! - Beltane 144k Mass Meditation The Sun forms a T square with Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto on the Day of the Goddess!​ Your Time... more

" ... I saw what looked like all the stars in the sky - drop down to the ground, and they were ships ... giving aid & replacement technologies to us" - Corey Goode UPDATE: New-Moon Mass Meditation on April 22/23. A chronic amount of... more

Instructions: 1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness. 2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to shift the planet into the most optimal timeline and as a tool to completely remove the... more

We can changes the rules of this Virtual Reality [matrix] simulation! And not only is this what WE'RE doing, it is also ... ... our responsibility ​To fully activate the Ascension Timeline with this Saturday's Dual Action 144k Mass Meditation We... more

YES ... IT HAS STARTED Cobra has confirmed we have indeed entered the 'culmination point' of The Event ... & FM144 previously confirmed that the Cabal is retreating (or at least trying) into their underground cities/bases. On this weeks... more