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    Transition can be the best thing....often tough though.

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    Today i will be discussing my personal experiences with serious life changes and how to get over THE FEAR OF CHANGE.

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    Lori Tybon of Younique Cosmetics Talks about Empowerment & Building Self-Esteem

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    My guest is Lori Tybon, a Green Status Presenter for Younique Cosmetics (that's Y-O-U-nique!). Lori's background includes 15 years in executive leadership for a Fortune 100 company.  Lori has owned and operated several small businesses, including a franchise business.
    Lori's embarked on a new adventure that she is clearly passionate about and gives her much more time with her kids, and still allows her to be the amazing entrepreneur that she is. Lori operates on a bigger level in that she zealously mentors and promotes her team members. Lori's the type of person who "feels the fear and does it anyway" ~ she was a pioneer using Facebook live video to promote her business. To me, "Lori" is synonymous with "Leader" who inspires her customers and colleagues (and friends) alike! In Lori's own words, she says, "I love being a Younique Presenter…I feel so empowered by this business!"
    To learn more about Lori, please visit her website at www.LashLoveInternational.com

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    Your15Minutes Radio - Season 5- Special Guest Tracy Sanders

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    Join us for a remarkable Season 5 of Your15Minutes Radio Network.  Tonight we will have the pleasure of speaking with Tracy Sanders founder of La Vita Linx.  Join the conversation @your15minradio.

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    GSICR welcomes Erin Knight

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    ERIN KNIGHT!!!!!!
    From Erin’s mouth to God’s ear. Contemporary gospel artist Erin Knight, was born, and is currently being raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, with his family.  His love for church and music has set Erin aside from his peers to be used in the ministry. Erin believes that children can be used by God just as adults.  Erin began singing at the age of 3 with his grandmother playing the piano.  Erin launched his solo career as a singer at the age of 8. Being a gifted young singer, he has set out to reach as many people as he can with his songs of inspiration. Erin doesn't take his gift for granted, and when he is in his creative mode, he requires a peaceful and very quiet setting so God can speak to him. He believes that true power and fellowship with God comes from within. Erin often says he wants to be known as a giver that loves being a blessing to others, and one that loves to sing.

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    'Seven Steps of Successful Selling' with Tom Hopkins

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    Tom Hopkins is world-renowned as The Builder of Sales Champions. His selling skills and sales strategies have helped millions of sales professionals and business owners in industries from A to Z to serve more clients, make more sales and earn millions in income.
    Tom got his start in real estate sales when he was just 19 years of age. After an initial period of abject failure, he started learning the communication skills that made him the #1 real estate agent in the US within 7 years.
    Since 1976 he has been teaching others his simple, yet powerful strategies and tactics through live events, books, CDs and video. Millions have turned their cars into classrooms, listening to Tom's advice on the way to appointments with potential new clients.
    His client list includes the likes of AFLAC, 24 Hour Fitness, Best Buy, State Farm Insurance, Kavo, Eli Lilly, REMAX and many others. He also offers live public seminars in cities throughout the US and Canada on a regular basis.
    He has authored 16 books including: How to Master the Art of Selling, Selling for Dummies and his latest release, Selling in Tough Times 

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    The Actors Quest with Kraig Swartz

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    Kraig Swartz is an amazing and versatile actor whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and watching this summer at Peterborough Players, in Peterborough NH. Peterborough Players is a professional summer stock theater company established in 1933. This summer Kraig is in 4 shows on a rotating schedule at the Peterborough Players--currently in Present Laughter as Roland and upcoming as Michael in Rounding Third.
    Kraig has performed all over Off-Broadway at venues such as the Lucille Lortel, The Mint, The Pearl, and regionally with Philadelphia Theater company, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, and The Guthrie--just to name a few!
    He is a professional actor with wit and inspiration for all of us. So Listen in on this radio show where we learn more about Kraig, his passion, his career, and ask him his advice on how to follow your heart and live your dreams!

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    BeMpowered Live- The Power of Change

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    The Power of Change addresses the process of change in our lives. Change will happen whether we do anything or not... but we determine the quality of life change will bring to us!! Listen to this BeMpoweredLive broadcast and be blessed!!

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    The Art of Healing Your Mind, Body, and Personal Failures

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    You are invited to call-in and asked questions, about how The Art of Healing Your Mind, Body, and Personal Failures can apply in your life. Join Elite Personal Coaching blog radio show with host Jessie Bowen Silva Life System, facilitator and life success coach. Along with special guest Maria Barnes, International Bodybuilding & Figure Champion, fitness and health expert. She is known as the fitness doctor, out of Atlanta Ga. host of the Maria Bee fitness show. Guest call-in number: (347) 327-9341 or chat live. Order your copy of the world renowned Silva Method you the healer. To learn more about Maria Barnes visit her website http://blog.mariabee.com/. Attend the Silva Life System Seminar in Chapel Hill, NC March March 19-20 http://tinyurl.com/6yojass. Now available online class http://tinyurl.com/6cafs67. Visit Jessie's website for updated mind body coaching tips http://silvalifesuccesscoaching.com/. Now available on Amazon Law of Attraction Let Your Thoughts Determine Your Destiny, http://lawofattractionunlimited.com/ FREE 7 Day Stop Procrastination eCourse " How to Change Any Bad Habit in 7 Days" Discover How to Stop Procrastinating *Permanently in Just 7 Days http://tinyurl.com/4h4sj2a

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    [Goals] Reaching Your Goals - Five Things To Know

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    What makes the difference between having a goal and actually reaching it? In this episode we take a look at what will make or break your reach for success.

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    Intentions: Living Life Like Your Life Is On The Line

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    Join Freda Mooncotch of FredaMooncotch.com and Garret Kramer of Inner-Sports.com to discuss intentions. What are intentions? The traditional way of looking at intentions and how we principle based practitioners view them.

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    Compassion the Anti-Oxidant of the Soul

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    As you live your life and progress into you future you unfold with each experience you encounter.  As your character unfolds you add dimension to you're life.  This progress can be measured and is observed by others.  In other words they read you like a book.  Toxic thinking affects how you show up. Arthur knows how important it is to have an awareness of your thoughts and how they can be managed to benefit your growth and success. He will share ways for you to stay centered and compassionate.