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    CAGDU - Your Dog and You - July 9, 2021

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    Welcome to CAGDU—About Your Dog And You. CAGDU stands for Capital Area Dog Guide Users.  We are located in the nation’s capital-- Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia but the information we share is for dog guide users everywhere.
    Our hosts are Rev “Radio Ray” Raysor with his 7th dog guide, a coated German shepherd named Rayven and Charlie Crawford with his 9th  dog guide, Razen a Labrador Retriever both graduates of The Seeing Eye dog Guide School.
    Tune in Fridays at 3pm. We are a resource for persons with dog guides and persons interested in getting a guide dog.

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    Compassionate Capitalist Show - Do You 'Deserve' Success in Business & Life?

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    Whether you call it a self-fulfilling prophecy or expectancy effect, your internal view of yourself doesn’t let you exceed your "deserve" level – we get in life what we (subconsciously) believe we deserve. Henry Ford described it aptly, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't—you're right.”  Ed Bohlke, Creator of Deserve Level Coaching, joins Karen on this episode to talk about the hidden barriers, their source and process to break down those barriers that entrepreneurs and executives experience in pursuit of their dream that can cause their business to plateau and derail. This is important for investors to also understand because it can impact their return on the investment in that company. Ed Bohlke ( had direct experience in creating success as CEO of Serious IP, Inc, with an IP portfolio of over 140 patents in 60 countries with $25M guaranteed license revenues, raising 35M in financing along the way.  Ed has been perfecting the idea of 'Deserve Level' as he applied it in his own life and now coaches CEOs and Key Executives to help them achieve the success they anticipate.
    Karen Rands, the leader of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement, and author of the Best Seller, Inside Secrets to Angel Investing.  She uses her 20+ years experience from working with entrepreneurs and investors to help investors identify the red flags in deal that will cause the company to fail, so they reduce their risk and stop wasting time on deals that won't scale.  To learn more about the programs and services that Karen and her team offer to entrepreneurs and investors, visit  Please help spread the word about Compassionate Capitalism by subscribing & sharing this video and/or the podcast

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    Be Fearless, and have NO Doubts, NONE!

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    Tonight we take a look at revolutionary look at what has become the prison for many of us called Fear and doubt. 

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    Sacred Heart Chakra

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    Often I hear people talk about your worth-- but....what is your "worth"??
    Make sure that any energetic exchange you participate in - love, money, work - are a balanced energetic exchange. You should alwasy leave better fuller and happier - if that is not the case then rethink...and remember you are WORTHY and your value is priceless! We are farmers of energy and what we plant we cultivate! Root into gratitude. Anchor in your energies/ Trust in divine timing. Be open to receive downloads.What role do you assign bills? fun? power? pleasure? Everything is energy. Have it, Hold it, Grow it. Be flirty with life and attract the good stuff!!! 
    Sacred Heart Chakra - Known as Hrit Padma or the Sacred Seat of the Soul. It is a filter of unconditional love. Two fingers below the ribcage on the left side this chakra is a diamond white or pink color energetically. Its planet is Venus (Love). Organs connected to this energy center: Nervous system, Pancreas, Thymus, Stomach, Eyes, and of course the heart.  Its shape is a circle, but I often know  it as  Toroid geometrically. Kind of like a donut with body in the center. Your ego is asking for speration between you and your divine mind and manifestations- but this chakra is here to show you that everything- your body, your world, your manifestations- are all extensions of you...Even other people are an extension of you...this is where unconditional love comes in. Love is not a feeling or a is a BEing. We often connect with love with a physical pay off. You protect me, I love you. You are kind to me, I love you. You make love to me, I love you. But what when the feelings stop. Does love end? No. It does not. It should not. You simply love because you are love. 
    This chakra connects love to JOY. Join me for information as we reflect on this lovely chakra

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    Let's get back to helping and connecting with others one on one instead of relying on the internet.