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There is a mass awakening taking place on our planet, and a deep discontent. The ethical alarm bells inside us all are ringing loud and clear that something is desperately wrong. We are awakening from a deep spiritual amnesia, which has been exacerbated and perpetuated by the huge underlying fear which underpins our whole system. That fear has been like a paralysis and chloroform for humanity, and has dulled us from our potential as highly developed spiritual people, and the possibility of a highly developed society based on love, caring, compassion and symbiosis. The emergency transformation of consciousness is the antidote to every problem on the planet. The word emergency means ‘urgent occasion requiring immediate action’, so it is no exaggeration to say that there is an emergency of an epic scale now materialising on our planet, and an immediate and urgent transformation now needs to take place. The transformation in people will automatically bring about the transformation on the planet, and will automatically dictate and change the politics. The whole system is at breaking point, and so are the people struggling to live within it, as the unrest, and revolution of awakening and consciousness all around the world undoubtedly proves. If directed wisely, carefully, but above all peacefully then the consciousness revolution will save us, but if it is directed unwisely without focus, then our own revolution of consciousness will kill us. This emergency is being felt worldwide by so many people now, that we don’t need much convincing any more that we must make a choice right now. It is a choice of transformation or annihilation, there’s no two ways about it. We cannot vacillate nor hesitate. The future of humanity is in our own hands at this poignant moment in history.

On-Demand Episodes

My interview with Paul Levy author of 'Dispelling Wetiko' Breaking the Curse of Evil, and 'The Madness of George Bush'. Paul and I will discuss the crisis we are facing as humanity due to our individual and collective psychosis, which the... more

My interview with Pepe Escobar investigative journalist, author and geo political analyst. We talk about the US full spectrum dominance on the global war on terror and the inevitable blowbacks, consequences and feedback loops from their... more

My interview with Shamanic Practitioner Lyndsey McKenzie. We talk about our journey of transformation and recovery back towards ourselves, and the rebalancing of, and reconnection to that part of ourselves so many of us feel we... more

My interview with Noam Chomsky. We talk about ethical compromises, and government actions without vision or wisdom which is creating terrible consequences and feedback loops. We also talk about the Drone killings, the US... more

My interview with Gerald Celente, talking about Cyprus as the canary in the EU cage, and the slavery of the population. The fight for the gas reserves. We talk about the US picking fights, the corruption, the rush to war with North Korea and... more

My interview with Christos Kamenidis Professor of agriculture, marketing and co operatives at Aristotle University Thessaloniki Greece. In the chaos of the economical crisis in Greece Christos has brought growers and buyers of food... more

My interview with Miko Peled author and peace activist. Miko talks about the Israeli, Zionist regime and its brutal apartheid, racist treatment of Palestinians, its control of Palestinian land and its resources, which literally imprisons the... more

My interview with Mark Boyle 'The Moneyless Man'. Mark is an author and has lived without money for 3 years. We talk about the predictably collapsing money system which is literally killing people psychologically, physically and spiritually,... more

Gilad Atzmon is a jazz musician and author born in Israel in 1963. His new book 'The Wandering Who' discusses Jewish identity and how it is tied up with some of today's most difficult and contentious issues. A Study of Jewish Identity Politics,... more

An interview with Paul Craig Roberts former head of policy at Department of Treasury under Reagan, and the editor at The Wall Street Journal, founder of Institute for Political Economy, and prolific author. We speak about the crashing... more
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