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Call in @ (319) 527-6706, this is an open line talk radio program. Monday: Big Al and Vito of "The Vito Esposito Show"@ 6PM ET. Tuesday: Kel Fritzi of "IAW " @6PM ET. Wednesday: Hank Jones of "PoliSports" @6PM ET. Thursday: Paul Sutliff of "Civilization Jihad Awareness" @6PM ET. Friday: Andrew Harrod with "Islam in Focus" @12 Noon ET. Saturday: Usama Dakdok and Kristie Johnson of "Revealing the Truth About Islam" @10 PM ET. Sunday: Eric the Kafir of "Radio Free Kafiristan" @5PM ET.

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People of the Book, Sharia sanctions your annihilation/submission via violence and crime. The Red Green Axis wants you gone so they can rule over America. The infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into all levels of governance,... more

Tonight we start with a Jamie Glazov's interview of Clare Lopez on some recent revelations about 9/11. Paul shares a portion of his book that asks the question. Do Islamist social norms support slavery today? The news follows. News... more

This past week, and today's show, are anniversaries of two of the more horrific events of my lifetime. On September 5/6, 1972, 11 Israeli athletes and coaches were abducted and murdered at the Olymoic Village in Munich during the 1972... more

Tonight we honor one of our Global Patriot Radio Host - Kel Fritzi of Infidels Are Watching You (IAW)! Kel was a loyal Global Patriot Radio Host, a staple on Tuesday Evenings from 6pm to 8pm EST. Sadly Kel passed away back on... more

Pres Trump cancels secret Peace Talk meeting with Taliban after ISIS claimed responsibility for terror attack in Kabul, Afghanistan that killed an American Soldier and 11 others. US Diplomats have been talking with Taliban reps for months... more

Welcome to Radio Free Kafirsitan. This is a radio program dedicated to rightly dividing the truth between Christianity and Islam. We examine the evidence for both of these faith in order to arrive at the truth it leads us too. If you want to call... more

Usama Dakdok & Kristie Johnson – News on Islam, Islamic Terrorism, Tactics. Does the Qur'an teach love and peace? What is love in Islam? Listen online live, or after the program. Or listen live by phone: (319) 527-6706.... more

DHS Whistleblower Philip Haney is an expert on the Muslim Brotherhood and its plan to infiltrate all aspects of American life including Religion in order to promote its goal of worldwide Sharia dominance brought about by the downfall... more

Tonight we start with a new portion of Paul's book on the question of whether their are irreconcilable differences between Western Civilization social norms and those of Islamists (those who want shariah). The news follows. News from the... more

The first full week of college football has come and gone. We'll check in on various happenings, like Hurricane Dorian, the IG report on James Comey, plus any other interesting news from the world of politics, sports, and the often ugly... more