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The Global Patriot Radio is comprised of 7 different hosts 7 days a week sharing their unique perspectives on the current events of the day. With shows ranging from 1-2 hours it allows each host to dig deep into the stories of the day exploring events rarely heard in the mainstream news. At the Global Patriot Radio Network we take our freedom of speech very seriously because we understand most countries around the world do not have this luxury. Even in some western countries explaining the truth about the Global Jihad Network, worldwide national security threats, and dictatorial leaders will land people in jail and forcing their silence. At GPR we will not be silent. We focus on opinions founded in facts and evidence. Global Patriot Radio Network is the voice of the Patriotic Resistance Movement in America championing your rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness as granted by our founding fathers in the Constitution of the United States of America. God Bless America and God Bless our Troops. America Akbar! (All shows ET) FaceBook Global Patriot Radio. www.globalpatriotradio.com The Vito Esposito Show Monday 6-8 PM , Tuesday Infidels Are Watching 6-8 PM, Civilization Jihad Awareness with Paul Sutliff Wednesday 6-7PM, Thursday The Mack Zed Show, Friday The Dr. Carl Goldberg Show 12-1 PM, Saturday - Usama Dakdok Show 10-12 PM, Sunday Damon Rosen's Insane Sunday 6-7 PM Call in and let’s talk - (319) 527-6706

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The "Palestinian Authority" must be disbanded & Mahmoud Abbas their TERRORIST "leader" MUST be deported or indicted. Three Jews were murdered by a muzlum terrorist that heeded Abbas' call for a "Day of Rage", it's time to hold him accountable. Abbas claims to freeze security cooperation with Israel, but if that were true he'd be killed by his own "people". US State Department report blames "settlements" for why Arabs attack Jews. Hypocritical Jordan & Egypt tell Israel to stop the escalation, despite the incitement from imams & politicians. Listen in, call in, join the BTR chat room! Try it, you'll like it!

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Usama Dakdok & Kristie Johnson – With news on Islamic Terrorism. Controversy over the shooting of an unarmed woman by a Somali Officer who was celebrated by Mayor. Police Chief resigns. What is the back story? How... more

Can Islam be reformed? Some "moderate Moslems" claim that the jihadist verses of the Koran can be neutralized by considering them to refer only to events in the 7th Century. Is this "contextualizing" of the Koran possible? For "moderate... more

Who is Mack Zed? The Koranborne Contagion known as Islamic Supremacy is our focus. Part 2 of our discussion of Linda Sarsour's Resounding Notes on Tyranny. A look into the nature of the Islamic Public Duty known as the Hisba -... more

Civilization Jihad is the name of the war that was declared against North America in 1991 by the North American Muslim Brotherhood. Awareness is the best way to fight this war. CJA's host Paul Sutliff is the author of Civilization Jihad and the... more

Carl Goldberg earned his PhD in history from the University of Michigan. After 9/11, Dr. Goldberg became seriously interested in Islam because the hijacker-murderers were religious Moslems who quoted the Koran. Immediately... more

Tammy Wynette made famous & sang "Stand by your Man". Sharia compliant Linda Sarsour was a Key speaker at recent ISNA conference & called for fellow muslims (not radicals) fellow muslims not to assimilate, consider Jihad against... more

Time to close the Al Aqsa mosque, FOREVER! The blackhead sitting atop the Temple Mount is a TERROR FACTORY and Israel MUST shudder it, permanently. Lyin' Linda Sarsour doesn't like my videos of her, and she's... more

Usama Dakdok & Kristie Johnson – News and discussion on Islamic Terrorism. What do Christianity and Islam have in common? Why is the Interfaith Movement dangerous? Usama explains Islamic Terror from its sources: the... more

We will review a number of happenings in the Islamic world and in Islamic communities in non-Moslem countries, and relate those happenings to Islamic doctrine.,

Who is Mack Zed? Today's show will be a roving discussion about a number of topics related to the Koranborne Contagion known as Islamic Supremacy. We will refocus our look into the Wahhabi phenomenon. The call in # is (319) 527-6706... more