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transgender, spirituality

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Announcing that Genevieve's Gems will return to a weekly format starting January 3rd. I will add a couple of different features which will include some poetry and spoken word. Keep looking for more news. God bless.
  • by Genevieve Rose
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There is much to be thankful.about. Life. Family. People who love us. The bible teaches us to be thankful for all things. Thanksgiving Day seems to be glossed over by the consumerism of Christmas. Thankfulness should be every day. Are... more

Redemption is being able to start over. When Christ enters our life we become new people. Is everybody worth being redeemed? This question will be answered and also what redemption really means.

Today I will my story of conversion to God through Jesus Christ. I went from inner turmoil to inner peace. I will also share how I was able to reconcile my faith and my queerness.

God's ways are not our ways. His handy work transcends time, physical limitations, cultural taboos, and even our own doubts. Moses, Gideon, the woman with the issue of blood, the apostle Paul, the healing of the leper are... more

Just because we disagree with someone doesn't mean that we need to be disagreeable. There is an increasing lack of respect for others with differing viewpoint. How did Jesus handle this? We will take a look into scripture to... more

James Chapter two shows that we are never to judge or show partiality to anyone because of who they are. Jesus dealt with help where they were. We must demonstrate what it really means to show unconditional love. True some folks... more

When perceptions become reality it can create a milieu of problems. Peple have died because of misperceptions. People had misperceptions about Jesus. Each of us can know who Jesus is and what he is really about.

Christianity is under attack by so many people and groups. Some believe that Christianity has passed its time. What is the definition of what it is to be a Christian? Many will they are Christians but do they live by Jesus' example?... more

Lent is one of my favorite times of the year. It reminds me of why Jesus came. It is a time of spiritual renewal and reflection. Ash Wednesday is the beginning of that journey. Will you begin your journey? Will you let God renew your spirit?... more

Love must be be demonstrated in word AND deed. It must e shown to the stranger, foreigner, those who are different race, religion, gender, sexuality or creed. If people say they love God and hate their brother/sister, the love of God... more