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transgender, spirituality

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Fear can paralyze people into inaction and despair. Jesus said that there would be turbulent times in this world. Then he state that I have overcome the world. We can know that God is in control of world affairs no matter who is president.... more

I believe that every year I should be a better person. When I accepted Christ in my heart it was the start of a new chapter. Some may feel that their lives are too far gone in sin and despair. The prophet Joel says that our lives can... more

The recent natinal elections have made many fearful and anxious because of all the uncertainty the incoming administration will bring. There will be joy mingled with some trediation. Jesus was born into a world of uncertainty so He is... more

Encouragement goes a long way in how someone travels through life. I'm sure that we can remember those folks who always encouraged us to be our best, that we can do whatever tasks we had. Encouragement is needed more these... more

Can we live a life of peace in a topsy turvy world? Jesus world wasn't one of slavery and oppression and yet he modeled inner peace. He did not let his circumstances keep him from his mission. Our world is frought with tension,... more

Life is a journey. Faith is a journey. Journeys can be of a short duration or last a lifetime. One aspect of journeys are that some unexpected events can and will happen. The bible is filled with examples of people on a journey. I maintain that... more

This is my life story of how I transitioned from straight male to a transgender woman. Having felt different much of my life this was a life changing for me and my family. My Christian faith played a huge role in deciding whether or not this... more

Religious freedom is a hot topic these days. Some people are using 'religious freedom' to discriminate against TGLBQQI persons. The question is what is religious freedom? Does denying someone their basic rights a part of the... more

As we celebrte the birth of Jesus Christ, let us remember those folks who are lonely, downcast and broken. With all the turmoil going about in the world, there is still hope and possibilities. It is important to remember that there was... more

Of all the phrases that have been attributed to the bible this is probably the most commonly quoted. However, is it true that God helps those who hels themselves? What about the quadraphlegic? The person with mental illness or a physical... more