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Enrichment Radio


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A look into the lives of people who are in business for themselves, asking, "What's it like to be in your line of work?"; followed by listener Q&A.

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Big changes are happening in my life right now and while I welcome them, I find myself with a bit of fear and trepidation. Soon I will be broadcasting my episodes fromImperial Beach, Californiaand where I will implement a new digital... more

Fear can cause people to do strange and damaging things to themselves and others. It can cause irrational behavior. Some say fearlessness is the key and there is truth in that. In this Episode of Enrichment Radio I will talk about... more

Nobody wants to be poor, or unhealthy, or alone. And there are times when everything seems to be falling apart - relationships, finances, health, you name it. In this Episode of Enrichment Radio I will talk about coping strategies for... more

Talk with an entrepreneur or listen in on their conversations and you'll hear crazy talk. But they got something going on that no one else has thought about doing and they see a way to make life better. In this Episode of Enrichment Radio I... more

Rush, rush, rush, rush. Got to keep on moving to keep up with the world. But somewhere along the way we humans need a break from the fast paced life. That's where we need some respite from our labor. I talk about ways to regain... more

Life sucks when all our effort seems so futile. Minutes seem like hours, hours seem like days and so on. Entrepreneurs and business owners are prone to this way of feeling, especially when business is slow. And it is during these... more

"Location, location, location", they say in Real Estate Success. For the Entrepreneur it is Attitude, Attitude, Attitude. I see so many talented Entrepreneurs who have a great service or product crash and burn because they let negative... more

I hear people say Wednesday is Hump Day or on Friday they say TGIF. It's sad that people spend five days working just to live it up on the weekend. Work is something most of us have to do in order to keep a roof over our heads or put... more

I hate those unsolicited sales calls. I can tell when I'm getting them on my phone. They come at a predictable time of the day and from some God knows where location. I let it go to voicemail and most of the time they don't leave a... more

How many times have I sat through boring live presentations at business gatherings, especially in the early morning. There isn't a strong enough coffee that will get me stimulated enough to stay awake, let alone listen. I understand... more