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My name is Frank Garrett, Jr., and I am the host of the "Garrett Report" on BlogTalk Radio. My show is about progressive politics during the tenure of President Barack Obama. I think the change offered by the President represents a much needed shift in the paradigm. This is a new century and new ideas are needed. Listeners are invited to tune in and call me during my shows to participate in the dialog.

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My Wednesday show will be worth listening to no matter the outcome of midterm elections. It will not matter if the left or the right is in the majority because you and I will still be in turmoil. We will be in the blame game pity party mode, and... more

If we wake up next Wednesday and democrats are still in the majority, the implosion in the republican party will be catastrophic. The finger pointing and vitriol among the pointy heads on the right will be such that the party... more

Voters wanting to give the keys to our economic, education, health, and finance reform bus, back to the drunk drivers that wrecked it in the first place are Forrest Gump challenged. An electorate that favors ignorance over... more

In one week we are going to find out if money elects our congress, or voters. If it is money, republicans will regain the house of reps. If it is voters they will make gains but remain in the minority. If it is money our nation will return to the Bush... more

Let me see if I heard this right - the wife of a supreme court justice, already politically active in the tea party, leaves a voicemail message on Anita Hill's office phone demanding an apology for something she said nineteen years ago. So far... more

A question posed by the host of "Beyond the Beltway" last Sunday says it all about the mid-term elections taking place in two weeks - "will race be a factor in how votes in Pennsylvania and Ohio cast ballots" and the answer was YES!... more

The lack of integrity being overtly displayed by a number of tea bagger and several blue dog democrats are mirrors of their supporters. Let's face it sports fans, there are some real anal retentive voters in America today. To hate the... more

Because I believe in providence it is possible we will see a change in the usual mid-term elections outcome. Over the years it seemed the party in power always lost seats at this time, but what if this time around voters are as ready... more

A friend of mine sent me an email with an obituary announcement. The family of the deceased requested that in lieu of flowers, "please send a contribution to the American Cancer Society, or, whoever is running against Barack Obama in... more

This show is about you - if you are a victim of sexual abuse. The allegations against a popular church pastor in America opened up a dialog long ignored by the Black community. The emails and phone calls I received about pedophilia,... more
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