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A Look at Isaiah 28:16 The Foundation Stone for the Messianic Temple


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We continue to explore the mysteries and mistique of the prophetic words of Ezekiel in the light of the clarity of the New Testament fulfillment. The land promises to Old Covenant Israel encouched in these mysteries are clearly revealed in the gospel of Christ. Dr. Don Preston methodically walks the audience through the technical details and nuances of each O.T. prophetic text as he cites the apostles illumination of each passage in the most easy to follow process. Join us each week from 6-7 central time for the AllThingsFulfilled broadcast.
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A Foundation For A New Messianic Temple Ezekiel 47 #114 continues with studies on the land promises to Israel. The nature of the fulfillment of these promise are the subject of heated debates around the world. The clarity of the... more

The importanace of the relationship between the circumcision and the inheritance is clearly indicated in Ezekiel 47:21-22. Could this be the foundation for Paul's teaching in the New Testament. It is clear from Joshua 5 that the inheritance... more

Ezekiel 47:21 shows that the nations who were amng the chilidren of Israel would have an inheritance in the new land. This was a mystery unknown, i.e. that there would be equality between Israel and the Gentiles.

What is the end reached from all the prophetic teachings in Scripture regarding the Messianic Temple. They all point to Christ and the New Covenant. See how beautifully this unfolds as the Old and New Testaments are joined together in... more

Join us for studies from the Prophet Ezekiel and the Messianic Temple. Ezekiel takes us on a journey through the river of living water that flows from the temple of God and produces life in every direction. What is the meaning of this... more

Exciting studies on the Messianic Temple and the last days as foudn in teh prophecies of Ezekiel. Currently we are expounding uupon chapter 47 and discussing some awesome prophetic themes. See how these are fulfilled in the... more

Ezekiel describes the depth and flow of the River of Life as it proceeds from the throne of God in relation to the layout of Israel. It's life giving waters heal the deadness of the Dead or Salt Sea. This is a very fitting description of the... more

Ezekiel 47, a chapter filled with imagery of living water finds its fulfillment in the New Messianic temple according to the Book of Revelation. How majestic and magnificent are these images that find their fulfillment in the gospel message to... more

Exploring the final chapter of Ezekiel and viewing the Sabbath Day and its connection with the temple. The Sabbath as a place of God's rest but also as an introduction into New Beginnings. Enjoy the exegetical adventure as Don... more

Will there be literal animal sacriices in the New Messianic Temple? This is a very important question that must be answered by the futurists. Those practicing Judaism acknowledge there will be literal sacrifices in a literal temple. Is this the... more