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A Look at Isaiah 28:16 The Foundation Stone for the Messianic Temple


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More intriguing studies from Isaiah 65. Join Two Guys and A Bible.
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Isaiah 65 speaks of the new heavens and new earth which is another way of speaking about the temple of God prophesied in the Old Covenant. The immient nature of the new heavens and earth is revealed in the gospels, the epistles and... more

Join us for another study of A Foundation For A New Messianic Temple. We continue to focus on the Old Testament prophets and their message of the coming temple of God under the Messiah in the last days. This totally eliminates... more

Welcome to a New Year and continuing studies from Two Guys and a Bible. A Foundation for a New Temple with Isaiah 65 as the background establishes the identity and nature of the Messianic temple. No longer geo-centric, the temple... more

We have come to one of two final episodes of the year as we continue to discuss the foundation for a new temple. Isaiah 65 offers and insightful look into the new temple which would be established in the new Jerusalem. In a prophetic preview... more

We have been on an exciting journey through the teachings of the Law and the Prophets and the Apostles of the New Testament concerning the temple of God? Will this temple be built on earth? Will there be another levitical priesthood,... more

Isaiah speaks emphatically about God's Messianic temple saying that it could not possibly be built with the hands of man, Isaiah 66:1-2. In this he shows the harmony with all the Prophets that the Messiah would build the new temple, one... more

Join Two Guys and A Bible for a continuation of the theme, A Foundation For A New Temple. We are examining the the Old Testament and the New Testament for the prophetic and apostolic word on the Messianic temple of God. Is there... more

Development of the Messianic Temple in Isaiah 65 and its correlations with the fulfillment in the apostolic ministry. Isaiah discusses the time when Israel's new temple would be built at the time of the new covenant.

Join Don K Preston and William Bell for another study in the series entitled "A Foundation For A New Temple #31. In this study we are covering the OT Prophets and the New Covenant message of the temple and tabernacle typology.