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Kit Lange

The Front Line


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Air Force veteran and independent investigative journalist Kit Lange brings exclusive content and hard-hitting interviews about national security, the military, immigration, and the Islamic threat. Be informed!

On-Demand Episodes

Former JAG attorney turned civilian defense counsel Kyle Fischer will be on to talk about the system that's putting our soldiers away for doing their jobs. Drama, corruption, and even comedy--it's all there inside. Tune in!

Gretchen Mack, mother of fallen Marine Chance Phelps, returns to talk about her son's life, his incredible sacrifice, and the HBO movie which chronicles her son's return home--in a flag-draped coffin escorted by a Marine officer.

Noted authority on Islam and author of several bestselling books Robert Spencer will be my guest to discuss his new book Stealth Jihad, and talk about Islam in the Obama administration--and how we are being conquered by Islam without... more

Martin Mawyer, journalist, author, and activist, will be on to talk about the info Americans were never supposed to know: There is a very active and very lethal network of Islamic terror camps here in the U.S. with the full knowledge of the... more

Iran recently called us "failures" because our new Prez offered to talk to them. What does this mean? And what can we expect? Middle Eastern affairs expert Steve Schippert will be our guest to talk about why Obama's "make nice" policy... more

Counter-terrorism expert CJ Grisham will be with us to talk about the new executive orders from President Obama. Are we hamstringing our ability to get information from terrorists? And was the Bush administration really... more

Author and former "holder of the nuclear football" Buzz Patterson will be my guest to discuss the new Obama administration, my predictions, and much more. Tune in, call in!

Obama's nightmare picks, Steven Green rescinds his insanity plea in Iraqi murder case, Israel agrees to a cease-fire, and much more. Also: Clemency for Sgt Larry Hutchins? The hearing in DC no one's talking about. All this and your questions... more

Former Army Major Mike Wardell will be on to talk about the role of the media in the war. Does the new media have any business in Iraq? What have they influenced? Does the public's right to know trump national security? And should... more

Gold Star mom Debbie Lee and author Catherine Moy recently visited the detention center at Gitmo, and will be on the show to discuss what's REALLY going on. Should Gitmo stay open? We'll find out, and we'll take... more