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The Majority United

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Whores, Witches, Wing Nuts and Bitches running for office. Join us if you dare and lets discuss why we as women tolerate sexism/misogyny. Why women of color don't mind being slaves so long as they are not black ones. Why 'ho' wouldn't get Imus fired but nappy did.

Originally dedicated to Geri, Hillary, and Sarah on 11/12/08, I have updated and now rededicate this RANT to Meg, Nikki, Sharon, Christine, Jan and all the other women suffering the sting of misogyny. Men are not asked their measurements; they are not called sexist names then indignantly told it doesn’t rise to the level of blacks being called the “N” word.

It most certainly does rise to that level, women are still enslaved by these words, women are still trafficked, women are still humiliated for working in a man’s world although they protect our streets, put out fires, make decisions from the bench and damn well make up the 53% of the world’s population.”

I maintain as do more than one half on this nations citizenry who is taxed yet not fully represented, history will not be made until every enslaved, mistreated or otherwise unrepresented citizen is equally represented, until Jeremiah Wright does not call anyone the “N” word and it is tolerated, until no women is ever again called a whore and it is tolerated, until women support other women whether they fully agree on every issue or not and until a woman is elected as president of the United States of America.

This is Our vision. Not one of us can do it all yet all needs done so IMAGINE if we all joined forces-- and put our talents and energies together. IMAGINE what we can accomplish collectively? I IMAGINE it every day. All for one and one for all. Not one of us should fall not one, not one! The Majority United! The time is now! Yes – this is our vision – it has never been done on this scale – 52% - but we can do it!!.