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Listen and join in Freedom Law School's Weekly Freedom Hour About Your Rights, Your Freedom, the Federal Income Tax, and the Law.

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Once you learn how to legally and safely stop paying income taxes, you want to help others learn too. When you do, you can reap great rewards for spreading the good news of income tax freedom! In this week's Freedom Hour presentation, Peymon Mottahedeh, the founder of Freedom Law School, will explain how Freedom Law School's ?Freedom Opportunity Plan? works to reward you for spreading the good news far and wide. Peymon and Freedom Law School have helped many Americans to live free of IRS deception, robbery, and slavery. Take the Seven Steps to income tax freedom on our website, www.FreedomLawSchool.org.
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Look at your birth certificate, your passport, your driver's license, your Social Security card, and any other legal document with your name on it. Notice that they are all printed in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS! You may have heard that this is... more

This week's Freedom Hour presentation will explain what an adhesion contract is, how it applies to the IRS, and how to LAWFULLY protect your hard-earned money from IRS theft.

Politicians claim that the Social Security tax your employer deducts from your paycheck goes into a federal government TRUST FUND and that money is saved up to pay back to you during your retirement years. Is that true? Is that what... more

Freedom Law School has shown many times in various ways, directly from the IRC Section 7701 Definitions, that the terms ?State? and ?United States? only ?include? the District of Columbia and the term ?trade or business? only... more

How do you put the burden of proof on yourself when you file a 1040 income tax confession form, and then how do you put the burden of proof back on the IRS where it needs SHOULD be? This week's Freedom Hour presentation... more

When most Americans think for even a second that maybe the US income tax laws do not apply to their earnings, they instantly become TERRIFIED that they would go to prison if they were to stop filing and paying US income taxes every... more

You want to LIVE FREE NOW of IRS deception, slavery and robbery and stop filing and paying income taxes, right? But you are living month-to-month, barely scraping by, you say? You may want to have the Royal Freedom Package to... more

This week's Freedom Hour: Do you need to get a LAW DEGREE or learn legal lingo to safely NOT file & pay income taxes? The 3 or 4 MILLION words of the internal revenue code are extremely intimidating to everyone. Does a person... more

When many Americans find out that no law requires them to file and pay federal income taxes, they continue doing so anyway, because they are afraid that the IRS will notice they have stopped filing 1040 income tax... more

Dear Freedom Seeker, In this week's Freedom Hour, Peymon Mottahedeh, Founder and President of Freedom Law School, will show you what the federal laws say about citizenship, nationality and immigration, and what a... more

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