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Ron help organized Emergency Preparedness Fairs in the communities where he lived. Through his travels Ron has met hundreds of people and is valued in those communities and continues to work and lecture people on the complex work of Emergency/Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management. Ron has also delved into the work of helping businesses prepare for emergencies and keeping businesses running even during emergencies in their areas. Business Continuity is also a very important part of this work. Ron has written hundreds of plans for businesses large and small. We have been doing disaster drills all over the nation. We have been to disaster areas of all types from hurricanes, tornadoes, all kinds of weather, earthquakes and wild land fires and set up command posts on tops of hillsides. We are subject matter experts on all of these areas including terrorist and active shooter scenarios. Having spent twenty four years in the law enforcement arena, working with all kinds of agencies, state, local and federal jurisdictions, we have a varied background of what to expect and how to handle most situations that we might confront. The associates that I have worked with over the years are also subject matter experts and together, we have over three hundred years of experience, but are as well grounded to be able to work with anyone. We have handled business continuity issues and helped companies large and small through some of the most harrowing circumstances to be able to come out the other end of a disaster to flourish. You have to be strong, willing and have a plan. We can help you with that. We have done disaster/emergency planning for individuals, families and communities and we can help you. Ron and his associates around the country continue to monitor communities throughout the nation and the world and have taken part in Disaster Drills coast to coast. As the President of Emergency Management Associates, we monitor conditions throughout the world. We cons

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Last week we were going to carry on from the previous week on the Fukushima Chernobyl conversation & other world wide anomalies that could possible link into fallout from these incidents that they A. Either just don't know as our knowledge is very slim.on what these level 5 nuclear incidents really will cause in the environment as well as long term or B. They know but refuse to acknowledge it thus blaming other things and never even trying to turn attention to nuclear anything because well if Ur focused over here then your not looking over there or C. They know and are intentionally hiding it for reasons abhorrently hideous and grotesque that many believe them incapable of doing so join us about these things and more as we delve deeper into this puzzle of nuclear reactor disasters! May even bring in some 3 mile island info as well!! As always open lines press 1 to come live on air
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