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    S6 Ep2 Buffet Style A this and that kind of show

    in Food

    S6 Ep2 Buffet Style A this and that kind of show. Another food fun filed show with recipes, tips and tricks and articles as well as a little tongue in cheek humor.
    The Chef and Radio Rob are doing this season the way they know how in an entertaining laid back food fun forum.
    On This Show
    SHAWN The humble pumkin crumble muffin recipe
    ROB Baking Tips 101
    ROB & Shawn Struggles Only People Who Are Constantly Hungry Will Understand
    SHAWN ..something we talked about last week...but it was A&W We Tried The 'Beyond Sausage' And Could NOT Tell It Was Vegan
    SHAWN Canadian Comfort Food: The Bad-For-Us Foods We Can't Resist
    We Celebrate Food With You!

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    REAL FOOD with Chef Val

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    REAL FOOD with Chef Val, Thursday, Oct. 5, 1 to 1 :30 PM. Cancer is a disease that can be over come by living a healthy, whole foods lifestyle. Listen as Chef Val shares how certain foods have strong anit-cancer properties. Tune in and learn about these foods and the best way to incorporate them into your eating habits.

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    Let's Get Cooking With Host Lori Frazee and Special Guest Sandi Sheppard

    in Cooking

    Join me with an in depth, getting to know you conversation with Sandi Sheppard, competitive cook extroardinair. We'll get an opportunity to meet Sandi and find out how she came to be where she is today.  This firey self taught gal will make for an entertaining visit.  Hope you can listen in.  Show goes LIVE at 2:00 PM EST.  Call in number is 347-989-1121.  Have an idea for a show, or a product to have reviewed, contact Lori direct, lori@barngoddessbbq.com.  Visit our websites, barngoddessbbq.com and  cookingnetwork.club.  Stop by and like our pages on FaceBook.  Follow Lori on Twitter @BarnGoddessBBQ

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    Food A Holick - Guest Judy Falconieri Williams from Crispi's Restaurant Bwater

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    Tim has his long time friend Judy Falconieri Williams on the show with him this week.  Judy and Tim go way back in the days of Middleboro, MA and they still chat today.  Judy's brother, Crispi owns the locally famous Crisp's Italian Cuisine restaurant in Bridgwater, MA.  Famous not only for the great Italain food but a warm and comfortable atmosphere, family setting, great service and that home made taste to all the foods.  Judy and Tim will spend the whole hour talking about how the restaurant got started and what makes it so popular...Listen in on the fun!

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    Sugar, Sugar! Ah Honey, Honey... Xylitol?

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    Shirley knows sugar! We couldn't imagine of speaking with anyone else about something so prevalent in our food. She's a dental hygenist who had dedicated her career to learning how to improve the lives of her patients through education. We talk about natural sugars, synthetic sugars, tooth decay, obesity, child rearing today... and so much more. Dig in!
    If you're interested in getting in touch with Shirley or inquiring about her Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy services visit her here: Primal Air

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    Victor Mojica, President/CEO Bacchus International, LLC

    in Wine

    Walter Davis directs Ayanna Mojica's interview of Victor Mojica, President and CEO of Bacchus International, LLC. Bacchus International is an international wine importation and distribution company with focus on wines from Spain, Chile, Portugal and Brazil. The focus is on mid to high end premium wines from boutique wineries. Bacchus is involved with consulting for the various chamber of commerces from Spain and Portugal. They help small wineries prepare their wines for entry into the U.S. Market. Contact Victor at 917.796.0353 or email at Vitamo@aol.com. 
    Learn more about Walter Davis at http://www.WalterDavisEnterprises.com
    Learn more about Ayanna Mojica at http://www.AyannaMojica.com
    Obtain your own Internet TV channel at http://www.comf5.com/videoconsultant
    See our Television Broadcasts on YouTube on ELVideoLiberal channel. http://www.youtube.com/ElVideoLiberal
    Royalty Free Music by Danosongs.com

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    The Southern Passion Lounge with Chef Amadeus

    in Food

    Welcome to The Southern Passion Lounge with Chef Amadeus where the industry comes to hangout. This week stopping from Sweetie Pies is Chef Chanda Clark. Kieth Rydth from Foodie USA will stop by to talk about upcoming events. Tan Daniel from the Georgia Restaurant Association will let us know whats tasty over the boarder. Also to give us a recap on Hells Kitchen is Chef Kenna. In the Farmers Report we will talk about recipes using fresh vegetables in some great winter soups. 
    We will also give updates on the Backpack project and The Southern Passion Spices.

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    Divatosity: Going From An Apartment To A Townhouse

    in Food

    Join the Bougie Girl as she offers tips fo moving from an apartment to a townhouse.

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    Tequila Aficionado | Sipping Off the Cuff | Spice Note Cinnamon Infused Tequila

    in Wine

    The original set of Tequila Aficionado podcasts by Alex Perez kicked the whole thing off.  Until 2006, Tequila Aficionado was a forum and news aggregator.  With the launching of podcasts, Tequila Aficionado became something else altogether.  Since then, we have grown to become a creator of original content in both written and video formats.  Now, we come full circle with an audio format that fits every aficionado’s lifestyle.
    FTC Disclosure: Any samples received were delivered free of charge without promise of a positive review.  Tequila Aficionado never accepts payment for reviews or features on Sipping Off the Cuff or Open Bar.  All brands featured on Open Bar must be vetted as a previous or current Tequila Aficionado Brand of Promise Nominee.

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    Episode #413 – At the Top of Their Game! Archery Summit in Oregon’s Willamette Valley

    in Wine

    A Delightful Afternoon with Head Winemaker and GM Chris Mazepink of Archery Summit There couldn’t have been a more picture perfect day to enjoy a long line-up of wines from Archery Summit GM and Winemaker Chris Mazepink. Archery Summit features Oregon’s only natural cave cellar and we assure you, the views underground are just as […]
    The post Episode #413 – At the Top of Their Game! Archery Summit in Oregon’s Willamette Valley appeared first on Welcome to Grape Encounters Radio.

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    New Study Shows that "Gluten-Removed" Beer May be Unsafe for Celiacs

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    Beer has historically been made with grains (wheat, barley or rye) containing gluten proteins. In recent years, naturally gluten free beer brewed with alternative grains like sorghum, millet and rice has become available in the marketplace.
    There is another new category of beer called “gluten-removed;” these beers are made from barley in the traditional brewmaking style, and are not allowed to be labeled "gluten free" in the U.S., although local state laws may differ when the beers are not crossing state lines. Experts caution against celiacs and those with gluten sensitivity drinking these beers, since no scientifically validated testing yet exists which can adequately detect gluten in beverages like fermented beers.  
    A new research study conducted by the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) shows that beers labeled “gluten-removed” may indeed not be safe for those with celiac disease. A first of its kind pilot study titled, “The Celiac Patient Antibody Response to Conventional and Gluten-Removed Beer,” was published online by the Journal of AOAC International, and was conducted by GIG at the University of Chicago’s Celiac Research Center. 
    Two authors of the study, Cynthia Kupper, CEO of the Gluten Intolerance Group and a registered dietitian diagnosed with celiac disease, and Laura Allred, Ph.D. and GIG's Regulatory and Standards Manager, join Jules on the show to discuss the impetus for the study, how the study was conducted, study results and what this means for celiacs and others sensitive to gluten as they search for safe gluten free products.

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