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Karen Hager

Out of the Fog with Karen Hager


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Join me every week for spiritual conversation with enlightening guests! I connect with intuitives, lightworkers, spiritual visionaries, and more.

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Author and artist Lupa invites us to go beyond simply exploring the symbols of nature, encouraging us to bury our hands in the earth and work with the real thing. Lupa focuses on the interconnected ecosystem of totems: plants,... more

Award-winning author and spiritual teacher Andrew Harvey joins me for a transformative conversation about spiritual activism. In his latest book, "Radical Passion," Andrew hopes to bridge the divide between spiritual resignation and... more

After two decades working in palliative care, Stephen Jenkinson came to an astonishing conclusion: as a culture and a species, we are utterly unprepared to embrace death and the grief that comes with it. We avoid confronting it at all... more

Can music awaken love? We're in a period of global change and many are looking for reconnection with peace and comfort in these anxious times. Singer/songwriter Paul Luftenegger has made it his life's work to create music... more

Are you seeking a happier, more balanced, more harmonious life? Author and yoga therapist Jennie Lee stops by to talk about her new book, True Yoga, which helps demystify yoga and taps into its powerful tools for conquering stress and... more

After years of struggling with life-threatening Lyme disease, Amy B. Scher discovered answers to the question: Why do some people heal from emotional and physical issues, while others don't? After healing herself when doctors had... more

Have you dreamed of a handsome stranger and felt the pangs of love (or lust)? Do you wake up panicked from being chased by a menacing intruder or from falling from a cliff into darkness? These dreams are normal and highly symbolic.... more

If you could talk to an angel, what would you ask? Do you have questions about angels, the afterlife and reincarnation, animal companions, relationships, life purpose, or manifestation? Gerry Gavin, author of Messages From Margaret,... more

Is peace possible when divisions are so strong? Can we find common ground in a world where emotions run high and tensions are rising? Jalaja Bonheim empowers women around the world to use circle gatherings in service of peace... more

Feeling overwhelmed with your financial situation? Maybe you're not even sure what your financial status is, because you don't want to look at it closely. Financial Coach Briana Cavanaugh is here to share keys to bringing calm and clarity to... more
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