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An employment website specializing in flexible schedule, part time or telecommuting jobs targetted toward Baby Boomers and Stay at Home Mothers/ Caregivers

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We all feel a need to take more control of our lives and try to fit more in terms of balancing our obligations to work and family. It's work-life balance and factoring in family needs that take precedence so we won't feel resentful for either of them.... more

Are you the nice guy at work who never seems to get the promotions? Some people are just good at putting others first before themselves. Somehow however, they seem to pay the price for it. Join Flex Hour Jobs and Meera Shah as we... more

The Government Shutdown has finally come to an end. The country is dealing now with over 20 Billion dollars of damage to the economy though. Hundreds of thousands of jobs that should have been created during that time frame were... more

Taking care of aging parents can take a big toll on your finances. The sandwich generation is now caring for both young children as well as aging parents. Most of them are also working full time. Join Flex Hour Jobs as we talk about the... more

The Recent Fiftieth Anniversary of the March on Washington has many of us asking if our world has changed so much? We are all still so much in need of jobs and freedom. Why is there so much economic disenchantment in the... more

If you have been out of work for some time now, it's an economic infliction you might never recover from. Employers lose confidence in people who have been out of the workplace and it gets worse as time progresses. Are you one of the... more

We all know that getting along with co-workers is essential in the workplace. Are you the nice guy at work who gets along with everyone, yet never seems to get the promotions? Some people are just good at putting others before... more

In this segment we are going to discuss ?What to do with this Resume?? Many job seekers send out resumes haphazardly. They send the same resume to hundreds of openings, even if the jobs are quite different and the qualifications... more

So it's 2013 and today's Stay at Home Mom is going back to work! What happened to the Opt Out Phenomenon? Women fought for years for the right to go to work, then they decided that they wanted to leave their well-paying... more

A recent study showed that 70% of college students adn younger workers no longer think that it is necessary to go to an office to go to work. Now, 45% of all US workers hold a job that would really be suitable for woring from home. Join... more
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