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    Ready to get fit but still have trouble finding the right program to suit your needs? Join us as fitness expert Angela Emory of Radiate Naturally gives the low down on what fitness trainers don't tell before you start your fitness program.
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    HI-Efficiency Training Method

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    I have spent over 15 yeard developing what I belive is the most efficient and effective traing method. This style of training is for those who dont have much time to spend in the gym, but want maximal results. This shows starts to explain why I believe its true.

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    Towards a healthy transition 101

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    Join  Greenroots President Kamlesh C Darji for tips and guidance to motivate you and get you on the right path. Greenroots wellness cafe brings you the first monthly podcast live from our store on Racetrack Road in Oldsmar.   
    Lose it to win. Learn about our new 90 day challenge to get fit and win cash prizes and more.

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    Exercise with Fitness Evolution, LLC

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    I will discuss why exercise is important. What to do to get started? Answer any and all questions.

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    Melissa Kahn, Run, Heifer, Run.....

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    The phrase "Run, Heifer, Run started as a lighthearted jab between friends when the RHR founder, Melissa Kahn, first started training for marathons and triathlons. For founder Melissa Kahn, the heifer spirit started very young.
    A lifelong food addict, Melissa remembers the moment she started self-loathing, She was only eight when she went swimming after eating a delicious plate of chicken thighs draped with buttery skin, typical of the rich Jewish food her family enjoyed. She hadn't finished licking her fingers clean before her grandmothers sister scooped her up to spend the rest of the day at the community lap pool. Check out her webiste for more!

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    Change your decisions, change the world, and what is Quantum Time

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    In this introductory episode of the 13th Harmonic our host Jade Lightweaver will be discussing decision making.
    As part of this discussion we will attempt to convey just how far reaching your daily decisions are.
    The world can change, and it all starts right here, right Now.
    Welcome to the 13th Harmonic.

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    Intro: Season 1 Episode 1

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    Hi, peeps! Welcome to Uncensored With Odella Fitness. My name is Jamie Moore. My co-host/twin Jazmine Moore will come to you all weekly to motivate, inspire, and make you laugh. Stay tuned for greatness. Happy healthy living!

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    Kyra the Yogi Episode 1

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    The Beggining of a lifelong Yoga love affair 

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    Elderly Men Athletes

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    This episode is about men 50+ years young still playing the field... that is, athletically.  Older jocks refuse to stop.  Be inspired by these older athletes.  Also, we will look at some super foods that provides energy and stamina, rapping it up with this week's macho box office movie. Thank our sponsors Elvis Collier, founder of ERECTIS a male enhancement supplement formulated for him... for her

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    Move Your Body Series - The Core

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    Move your Body Series is created to teach listeners the benefits of each exercise featured from head to toe! These are 15 minute (or less) podcasts offered on various days once or twice a week. Aside, from my more informed shows.
     Each podcast will teach you:
        The name of each movement     The benefit of each movement     The muscles you are working with each movement     Stretches for each movement Show you care. Please share! Visit me at www.velocityathletictraining.com follow me at @laylavelocity

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    Interview with Felicia D'Haiti

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    Do you know that something in your life needs to change but don’t know where or how to get started? Discover how the clutter in your home is a outter refection of workings of the spirit with in.  Felicia mission isto help other women to clear the clutter in all aspects of their lives in order to live more joyful and balanced lives while moving beyond perfectionism, fear, and self-imposed limitations!