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Welcome to Fire Talk Production. I am the Producer Nell Cole. In a world where our media has lost it’s ability to have a real conversation I have found this spot where real people can have real conversations about the issues. I encourage my guest to speak their truth openly as it should be in media. Together we speak for the dead worldwide and within our rewritten history. That is the job. We are all they have once the wicked rob them of their voices. We owe them that. I will cover topics that are not known in the main stream. I will carry secular issues, child abuse, psychology discussions, civil rights, church abuse and Native American/First Nation issues and much more. I do love to have Authors on as well. I am honored to step into my guest world and hear their truth. You may email me directly at firetalkprd@aol.com.

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Author Trace A. DeMeyer reads from her book: One Small Sacrifice Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects Secret adoptions had a purpose - to break up North American Indian families, to assimilate us, to tame dirty savages. What is... more

When I Met God... Writen and Proformed by David Little Eagle Not what I expected - a deity dressed in black. Told that He created the world in six days, with such loving care, I wondered: What happened? For now I look upon a... more

Hemley Gonzalez -STOP The Missionaries of Charity https://www.facebook.com/hemley.gonzalez I worked as a volunteer in one of Mother Teresa's homes for the poor in Calcutta, India for a period of two months... more

Borderline Personality Disorder Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is one of ten personality disorders; part of what is referred to as a Cluster A Personality Disorder. A Personality Disorder is not the same as normal personality theory in... more

Remembering The Forgotten... by David Little Eagle Wounded Knee, culmination of centuries of death and sorrow, may I come to you? Sleeping in the heart of Unci Maka, the Ancestors stir, singing the old songs of the Oyate - a song of... more

http://homecomcast.net/~cooffaly64 cooffaly64@comcast.net Kenneth Doyle will read Excerpts from Mother From Hell. The book Mother From Hell tells the story of Kenneth M. Doyle and his brother Patrick. For sixteen years our home was... more

Causes of PTSD Experience of an atypical and significant traumatic event (most would have very negative & disturbed responses), accompanied by intense fear, helplessness, or horror. Target symptoms of PTSD, are: Intrusive Symptoms... more

Host : Russ Letica He is a Status Band Member to the Madawaska Maliseet First Nation. Producer/Co-host: Nell Cole an open minded soul exploring this world. Co-Host: David Little Eagle who is a Musician, singer/songwriter, writer, activist,... more

To read the full letter go to: http://whispernthunder.org/The_Vatican.html You may contact Russ Letica at: harderindian@yahoo.com To the Vatican I know there are good people in the church that have joined to either make a difference... more

Animosity, frustration, disagreements, differences of opinions, personal attacks. There are so many cultures around the world sharing Facebook and other Social media Networks, how do we solve conflicts? When all hell breaks loose what do... more