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Financial Lifeguard on Duty

Financial Lifeguard on Duty


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Christine Luken is your Financial Lifeguard on Duty! Whether you feel like you're drowning financially or just treading water, this show is for you.

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You would think that once you decide to take control of your spending and make a plan to demolish your debt that you'll have the full support of your family, friends, and co-workers. However, you may find that some people are NOT going to be... more

Now I know what some of you are thinking. ?Being rich would be nice, but I'm just trying to get financially healthy.? Stay tuned because what you will hear today, if you apply it, will improve your financial condition whatever it may currently... more

Happy Halloween!! And Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner.... With extra expenses for entertaining, decorating, and gift giving, sometimes the holidays aren't so happy for our budgets! In this episode, I'll give... more

Today's episode answers the question: "When Is It Okay to Splurge?" Sometimes we get so entrenched in the mindset of paying down debt and saving money that we struggle with figuring out when it's okay to loosen up a little and... more

We're going to explore how the way you think about money influences your financial behavior and your ultimate success with money. I'll share some surprising facts about how your brain processes information, including how to... more

In today's episode, I'll explain why cosigning a loan (including credit cards, car loans, and mortgages) for a friend or family member is hazardous to your financial health. There are both money consequences and relationship... more

In today's episode, "Money is Emotional," I'm going to tell you the story of my clients – The Smiths – and their emotional journey from anxiety and embarrassment to confidence and hope. Money is certainly emotional. My goal is... more

In today's episode, "Are You Possessed by Your Possessions?" we'll explore the following questions: Am I surrounded by things that bring me joy? Or am I buried in a mess of clutter that I don't really even enjoy? When is enough "enough"?... more

Today's episode is Get Financially Naked… BEFORE you get married. I'll discuss why it's important to bare your financial details to your significant other, warts and all, before you walk down the aisle. Even when you first start dating... more

When our financial lives are in disarray, we feel stressed out and anxious. Many times we're scared to see just how bad the situation really is. Money can be like that monster under the bed. It paralyzes us and keeps us awake at night.... more