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Fearless Generations


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Mother daughter life coaching team, teaching/discussing the 12 steps to Freedom. While supporting you through the generational gap to who you want to be.

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Accountable can sometimes come off as a job or a bad word. Think of it as being accountable to yourself. Do you keep the commitments that you make to yourself? Do you keep working on your goals? Do you give yourself deadlines and then keep them? Being accountable to yourself is the most important.
  • by KellyFox
  • in Self Help
  • 00:30

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You have the choice to see the situations in front of you as challenges or an adventure. What will you choose? You can get excited or stuck. When you see life as an adventure you may be more likely to take risks and step out of... more

Once you are aware, it naturally leads you to willingness. Are you willing to change now that we see where those changes need to be? Are you willing to do things differently? When you check in with yourself to access the level of... more

When we become aware of the situation or whatever it might be, are we responsible at that point to do something about it? Do you choose to change or stay the same? It is a choice either way. From this point on we are knowingly... more

With awareness comes a sense of healing. We become aware of why we acted a certain way or made a certain decision. We can then have compassion for ourselves and who we were then. We can tell ourselves we were doing the best... more

We tend to think that what we see is the truth. It is not, it is skewed by our filters. Imagine looking through a dirty window. We think we are seeing all the facts, yet when the window is cleaned, we see a whole new scene. Our brain likes to fill in... more

Yay, it is the beginning of season 7! We can't wait to start this process over again with you, with new guest coaches and so much more available to you. It's introduction night and that mean anything goes. What is being aware? How... more

We are so excited to have had another year with you. We are excited to reflect on this year and make goals for the next. Season 7 here we come. We have more new guest coaches and are bringing back some of your favorites. We can't... more

A month of love. How wonderful is this, to have a whole month to learn more about love and loving ourselves more. We have talked about judging ourselves less and setting boundaries. We have shared tools on how to love ourselves... more

Having boundaries is important. You may not know one is needed until someone has crossed it. I don't allow people to call me names or cuss at me. What do you allow or not allow people to do or say to you? Boundaries are a clear line... more

Judgment of ourselves can sometimes come so easily. We can have high expectations of our choices and the results. When things don't turn out the way we thought they would we can be pretty rough with ourselves. When we... more